LAPD Cop Who Criticized District Attorney and Governor Has Past Called into Question On Twitter

By Julian Verdon

LOS ANGELES, CA – The People’s City Council of Los Angeles, a social justice organization, has alleged on Twitter that Detective Jamie McBride is an unreliable source of information after he warned people not to come to LA because of rising crime.

“You’d have to start with the governor, Gavin Newsom…he’s advocated with the ACLU for Proposition 47 as well as George Gascon, who authored that bill. Gavin Newsom needs to be gone. We need to work on changing these laws back to make it tougher on crime. We need to get rid of these so-called progressive district attorneys,” said McBride on Fox News.

“They are advocating for the criminals. It’s almost like it’s shame on you if you’re a victim. It’s like it’s your fault, and that’s the way they see it. There’s a lot of cleanup to do, but we need to take back the streets. And to be honest with you, it shouldn’t matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat. I think we should all want to feel safe in your home, and we should be tough on crime, and that’s where it starts. We have to start from the top and clean house all the way down,” added McBride.

Following these comments, the People’s City Council tweeted out that McBride’s past makes him an unreliable and biased source for such statements.

“Jamie McBride has shot six people in his career as an @LAPDHQ officer. This is LAPD’s model, their leader, the guy who best represents them. McBride represents the rotten, violent culture of LAPD. Using him as your source for ‘violent crime’ is laughable,” tweeted the People’s City Council.

They also highlighted that he shot four people in a span of five months. After the shootings, he was transferred to San Fernando Valley.

“He doesn’t want to go back to South LA – saying ‘I don’t have time for that ghetto gun-fighting,’” tweeted the People’s City Council.

They also allege that his Pinterest page has bookmarked Nazi and fascist propaganda. They then made claims of racism, citing a video when he called BLM an anti-police hate group.

“Jamie McBride’s unapologetic defense of policing in the wake of the George Floyd murder & his recurring glorification of violence against Black and Brown individuals which he deems thugs is reflective of how police actually feel. That’s why he was chosen to be their union leader,” read another tweet from the People’s City Council.

Another issue was with how McBride has claimed that crime is up in Los Angeles.

The group cites both the LA Times and LAPD’s crime statistics as direct contradictions to the crime surge in LA. According to the LA Times, which also got its data from the LAPD crime statistics, property crimes are down 6.6 percent compared to 2019.

However, according to the LA Times, the Sheriff’s Department (which covers a larger area) stated that property crime is up five percent, while other offenses like violent crime remain static.

Moreover, the People’s City Council posted a photo of crime statistics from the LAPD website. The statistics from the photo shows that, although there has been an uptick in crime compared to 2020, it is still down compared to 2019.

Supporters of the new progressive criminal justice policies claim that crime is still down overall with some upticks in violent and property offenses in certain areas. And that those upticks started before any progressive policy took hold. Therefore, any assertions about correlations between progressive policy and a crime surge are not concrete.

The People’s City Council also called out Jamie McBride’s daughter Toni McBride, alleging she is a white supremacist who glorifies gun culture.

“To no one’s surprise – Toni is also a violent white supremacist, just like her father, Jamie McBride. Toni loves to post videos of her using high-powered guns at the range. It’s quite disgusting that this family prides itself on being violent killers,” read one of the tweets.

“To [be clear] about who the police are – police around the culture LOVE Toni and Jamie McBride. They embody the violent white supremacist police state in this county,” said another tweet.

They also posted pictures of cop magazine shoots Toni did, insinuating this as a link to her white supremacy.

These tweets came after the fact that Toni killed a man, Daniel Hernandez, firing six shots after he appeared to lunge at her with a knife.

Although an LAPD commission ruled the killing as justified, saying the first four shots were in policy but that the last two were “out of policy.” Former LAPD Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey told the LA Times that officers have to reassess after the first two shots. She said the last two shots were the most troubling since Hernandez was already on the ground.

“@lapdcommission found that part of Toni McBride’s shooting were ‘out of policy.’ However, Toni is shielded from any liability because her daddy is the head of the LAPD ‘union,’” tweeted the People’s City Council.

The social justice group tweeted out that people should not believe the crime surge narrative because it is being “pushed by white supremacists like Jamie McBride.”

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