January 6th Day of Remembrance and Action

January 6 marks one year since the violent attack on our U.S. Capital and our democracy. In “Remembrance and Action”, Americans nationwide will join in a day of voter unity. The League of Women Voters (LWVUS), as a partner in this national effort, is urging Congress to pass federal legislation protecting our Republic.

This Thursday, Jan 6th, at 5:15 pm in Davis Central Park, the League of Women Voters Davis Area is proudly hosting an opportunity for our Davis community to join this show of unity at a public “Remembrance” honoring those whose valiant service defended our representatives and our democracy on January 6th. Please join us. Details here: https://www.mobilize.us/mobilize/event/434619/

Further, to “Take Action”, we encourage all voters to go to https://www.lwv.org/take-action and contact Senator Feinstein and Senator Padilla using the on-line “Take Action” links, to urge passage of federal voting rights protections.

LWVUS has testified before Congress supporting 2 critically important bills still awaiting Senate passage: The Freedom to Vote Act that protects the freedom to vote for all Americans, stops partisan gerrymandering, limits the influence of dark money, and prevents partisanship from sabotaging future elections and The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act that restores and strengthens our freedom to vote, ensuring that changes to voting rules that discriminate based on race or background be federally reviewed, assuring an equal say in our future governance.

Please join LWVDA in honoring 101 years of League voting rights advocacy and representative democracy. On this January 6th Day of Remembrance and Action, join us in thanking defenders of our democracy and exercising your civic duty to contact our legislators so they know we count on them to protect voting rights for all Americans.

League of Woman Voters Davis Area

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