Lucas Frerichs Comments at the January 6 Vigil

Submitted by Alan Hirsch

Comments by Lucas Frerichs at the Vigil

I’m Vice Mayor Lucas Frerichs, representing the Davis City Council. Mayor Gloria Partida hasn’t been feeling well, and is waiting for results from a COVID test, but didn’t want to risk being here this evening—so she sends her regrets.

We spoke earlier today and we wrote this statement together.

Today is filled with so much emotion—angst, anger, fear and hope.

We are heartened to see so many here this evening—those who recognize the need to show up and speak out.

Yet, we are distraught that we are even here—that there is even a need to commemorate the day of a despicable act against our government that will live in infamy.

A year ago, we watched in horror as the unthinkable attack on our nation’s Capitol vividly unfolded before our very eyes.

It is an event that none of us ever really dreamed would occur—the storming of our nations “temple of democracy,” and, scarily, we think we all know that unless we as Americans proactively fight for democracy, it may well happen again.

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

We have to actively participate and engage—in order to ensure that we create the kind of country that upholds the values we believe in and the values we want to see.

Thankfully, we do that well here in our communities throughout Yolo County.

We’re proud to join with you today, will continue to work with you in the days and months ahead , and we’re honored to serve with this committed group of elected officials, and humbled to serve our communities on behalf of all of you.

We are indeed all stronger together, and we will keep fighting for the needed laws/changes at all levels of government (and in other states) in order to defend our democracy.

We want to thank organizers of tonight’s vigil—LWV Davis Area Chapter, Indivisible Yolo, Sister District CA-3 and Democracy Winters.

May you all have a healthy and safe New Year ahead.

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  1. Alan Miller

    unless we as Americans proactively fight for democracy, it may well happen again.

    Interestingly, that’s what the group that stormed the Capitol though they were doing (if indeed there was rational thought involved).

    Democracy is not a spectator sport.

    Call them what you want, you can’t call those that stormed the Capitol “spectators”.  They were certainly active participants . . . in what is certainly arguable.

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