Man Charged with Domestic Abuse Released to a Substance Abuse Treatment Program


By Anna Olsen

PLEASANTON, CA – Defendant Roberto Mike Munoz was released on level three supervision upon issuing a 14-day own recognizance to a substance abuse treatment center during a bail hearing in Alameda County Superior Court on Jan. 24.

Munoz was charged with domestic abuse, carjacking and robbery after an incident on Jan. 9 in Pleasanton, CA.

Munoz, who has a history of substance abuse, reacted violently when his long-term girlfriend refused to allow him to drive her car, upon which he drove away with her car and dog. Munoz later returned, and his girlfriend fled the scene.

At the bail hearing, Judge Morris Jacobson stated that “this looks like more of a one-off situation than pattern of behavior” and that he was “more concerned about the charge of domestic abuse than the carjacking or robbery.”

Judge Jacobson issued a 14-day own recognizance to East Oakland Recovery Center, an organization specializing in substance abuse, crisis and behavioral health services, and identified La Familia, Cronin House and New Bridge as potential treatment programs for Munoz.

Judge Jacobson addressed Munoz directly to describe the terms of his OR release, inclusive of a four-way search clause and a criminal protective order forbidding Munoz to be within 100 yards of or have any contact with the victim involved in the incident.

Jacobson stated that electronic monitoring would not be needed if Munoz stays in a residential program but will be applied if released into the community.

During the bail hearing, defense counsel Michael James Mullan requested that Munoz stay with his friends and attend an independent treatment program in place of the residential program ordered by the judge.

Mullan explained that this request was based on a conversation with Munoz’s family, which revealed how proactive they had been to get Munoz the treatment he needed.

“His persistent struggles are not as long-standing or as acute with that treatment history in mind,” Mullan stated.

Despite this plea from Mullan, his request was denied, and the residential program requirement was enforced.

Judge Jacobson emphasized the gravity of the situation and stated, “This looks to me like a substance abuse issue that has gotten out of control, to the point of very serious charges.”

“Come back with very specific information about where he would be living and what an alternative outpatient program would be,” Judge Jacobson stated.

Given the uncertainty regarding defendant Munoz’s future and his ability to attend court, the preliminary hearing was moved from mid-February to Mar. Eight at 9 am.


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