NAACP President Calls for Voting Rights Legislation in Statement on Jan. 6 Anniversary of Attack on U.S. Capitol

Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

By Alex Jimenez

WASHINGTON, DC – NAACP President Derrick Johnson released a statement on the anniversary of the Jan. 6 capitol riot, strongly urging lawmakers to pass voting rights legislation and upholding democracy.

Johnson maintained, “Far too many have fought, bled, and died for us to sit idle on voting rights. Our elected officials must use all the tools at their disposal to preserve our franchise.”

Johnson argued the 2021 insurrection proved to be a day that challenged the election process and democracy in the U.S., inspired by former President Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud in the aftermath of the 2020 results.

In the efforts to delegitimize the election results through rhetoric by President Trump and physically by the rioters, voting became a point of contention, noted Johnson.

Johnson promised the NAACP remains committed to uphold and defend democracy and the freedoms it guarantees, emphasizing the importance of passing voting rights legislation and urging elected officials to use all tools and resources available in ensuring every U.S. citizen’s right to vote.

“One year ago, violent insurrectionists attempted to upend our democracy. Today, we remain steadfast in our commitment to defend that democracy and the freedoms which it guarantees. To do so, we must turn our attention to passing voting rights legislation with urgency,” said Johnson.

About The Author

Alex Jimenez is a 4th year politcal science major at the University of Calfornia, Berkeley. He has future aspirations to attend law school and is from Pleasanton, Ca.

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  1. Alan Miller

    Did the end of the article get cut off?  There’s no there there – six short paragraphs and no substance.

    voting rights legislation and upholding democracy.

    What is that, exactly?  I don’t follow this as much as some of y’all, but the article certainly didn’t explain what this legislation would entail.  I think anyone of age can vote now, last I looked (oh, yeah, except felons – is that what this is?).  What additional rights are needed, and what would be done to ‘uphold’ democracy.

    I don’t see how giving felons the right to vote (and I’m not necessarily against that) would prevent a bunch of semi-organized bumpkin fools driven by their interpretation of the narcissistic ramblings of a tv-reality-star-turned-President — from overwhelming a criminally under-sized police force at the Capitol building.

  2. Keith Olson

    What I don’t understand is on one hand you have Democrats claiming there was no fraud in the last election and slamming Trump for saying so but on the other hand Democrats trying to change election laws do to fraud.  You can’t have it both ways.

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