Sale of Assault Rifle Results in the Death of Three People

By Delilah Hammons and Jaanvi Kaur

ALAMEDA – Defendant Angel Shavers was found guilty of selling an assault rifle in Alameda County Superior Court Tuesday after she accidentally engaged in what became a hostile situation leading to the death of three people.

The sale took place on Mar. 20, when Shavers and her boyfriend engaged in selling an assault rifle with a group of men in San Leandro.

The exchange included an AK-47 assault rifle for marijuana, a handgun, and $300.

However, the defendant’s boyfriend pulled out a concealed handgun and shot at the victim involved in the sale, killing them and their two associates in a car.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Judge Jacob Blea stated that Shavers claimed to be unaware of her boyfriend’s concealed weapon and his intent to use it.

“They were just looking to make a trade for an assault rifle for a handgun and money and maybe some weed. They weren’t thinking about shooting anybody,” stated Judge Blea.

Judge Blea added, “From that perspective, as it would apply to Ms. Shavers, this is kind of an unforeseen consequence of [her boyfriend’s] actions.”

Shavers, whom Deputy Public Defender Amy Lynn Yellen represented, was found guilty of selling an assault rifle and sentenced to one year in county jail and two years of probation.

Due to the nature of the case and the involvement of marijuana, Shavers will also receive drug tests and be subject to random searches.

Shavers was only 19 when the incident occurred, facing financial instability, and had no record at the time.

As highlighted by Judge Blea, “in the social worker’s report, she’s got family members at home who are ill and now she’s involved with Haywood and their circumstances have deteriorated. At one point, they were in an apartment, now they are living in a car.”

Judge Blea explained that the defendant was unprepared for what transpired and engaged in the deal for the money.

“I appreciate and love you all and feel sorry for your loss,” stated Judge Blea.

About The Author

Delilah Hammons attends Sacramento City College and plans on transferring to a UC in two years to major in English. She wants to purse a career as a writer after graduating with the hope of publishing her own books.

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