Man’s Extensive Criminal History – Including Violent Convictions – Leads Judge to Deny No Bail Release

By Emma Kantor

WOODLAND, CA – The accused appeared remotely in Yolo County Superior Court in front of Judge Dave Rosenberg Friday, hoping to be sprung from jail on supervised no bail release—it didn’t happen.

He was accompanied by Public Defender Joseph Gocke who reassured the court of a potential living situation for the accused, should he be released on supervised OR.

Gocke told the court although he was unable to get confirmation as to where the accused could reside in terms of family, the accused has previously resided at different homeless shelters within Yolo County during the last four years, where he hoped to return.

Judge Rosenberg then asked for the opinion of Deputy District Attorney David Wilson, who said he was opposed to any SOR release because the accused has a long criminal record dating back to 2003 with numerous felony and misdemeanor convictions.

DDA Wilson said the most concerning conviction occurred in 2014, where the accused was convicted of a PC § 245(a)(4) charge—assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury—and another case with the same charge that resulted in five years in prison.

He also said the accused had another arrest more recently in 2020, which was felony false imprisonment with violence, for which he got 16 months.

Now, the accused is currently in custody on a series of all separate incidents.

Wilson explained the accused seems to have adopted a series of homes that are in the process of being constructed and he has been arrested there about six or seven times between Jan. 21 and Feb. 9 of this year.

The allegations of these several arrests include damaging a window and a garage door, getting caught inside the facilities masturbating, throwing rocks at passing vehicles, and assaulting a random individual, allegedly punching him six or seven times in the face.

Wilson noted Judge Timothy Fall had placed the accused on a mental health diversion grant which did not work out and it appears “he is just on a crime streak for the last two months.”

Wilson said that, without having a solid plan or place he is going to go, the prosecution is concerned he is just going to get out, noting concern that if the court decides to release the incarcerated on supervised OR, they will be left with “a wash, rinse, repeat pattern that will just result in more charges.”

Judge Rosenberg agreed that without any specific plan or place and under these circumstances the court cannot release the accused, and denied the motion.

About The Author

Emma Kantor is a second year undergraduate student at UC Davis pursuing a bachelor of science degree in Managerial Economics. She is passionate about her education and advocating for others. She intends to attend law school after finishing her undergraduate degree.

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