Simple DUI Plea Bargain – Driving Under Influence Leads to Thousands in Fines, Suspended Jail Sentence

By Emma Kantor

WOODLAND, CA – After ending the last court date anticipating a resolution, that’s what happened in the driving under the influence charge for a man here Tuesday in Yolo County Superior Court.

The accused was present in court, accompanied by a Spanish interpreter and his Deputy Public Defender Eric Arias. Deputy District Attorney Gustavo Figueroa was also present.

In this case, on or about July 12, 2021, the accused had been driving with 0.08 percent or above of alcohol in his system.

He pleaded no contest to DUI and admitted to suffering a prior conviction in San Joaquin County on July 30, 2012.

PD Arias spelled out the terms of the agreed-upon resolution for the court as he provided the plea form to Judge Tom Dyer.

These terms include four years of summary probation, $2,204 fine, 15 days in the county jail, no alcohol for the entire probationary term, 18-month alcohol education course, and installation of a one-year IID (Ignition Interlock Device).

PD Arias made three requests of the court regarding the specifics of these terms.

He requested that his client pay the fine on the terms of $65 per month with the first payment due by April 15.

He also requested to remove the SCRAM device that is currently placed on the driver, as it was not a condition of the plea agreement.

His third request was to allow the man to do the alcohol education course in San Joaquin County.

DDA Figueroa did not object to any of these requests and they were ultimately all granted by the court.

About The Author

Emma Kantor is a second year undergraduate student at UC Davis pursuing a bachelor of science degree in Managerial Economics. She is passionate about her education and advocating for others. She intends to attend law school after finishing her undergraduate degree.

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