After Prelim, Judge Sets Trial for Man Facing Multiple Felonies, Including Murder and Carjacking

By Anna Olsen

ALAMEDA, CA – In a preliminary hearing here in Alameda County Superior Court Monday, sufficient evidence was produced through testimony for the judge to determine the case should proceed with a trial, holding the suspect on more than 10 separate charges.

Jacobi Julius Gaines was the alleged perpetrator of a carjacking that took place on Dec. 2, 2019, and faces felony charges of carjacking, use of a deadly weapon (the car itself) and great bodily injury for the injuries sustained by the victim.

He was alleged to be on felony probation at the time of the carjacking.

The victim of the carjacking testified at the prelim that his arm was in a cast for a month and that his arm was swollen to three times its size from the incident.

Gaines was charged with a robbery that occurred at a 7-Eleven store on Jan, 1, 2020, and theft of a dirt bike and a purse involving two separate victims.

Gaines’ most serious charge is murder—he allegedly shot and killed 17-year-old Hasan Semaj Humphries on Jan. 13, 2020, in Oakland.

During the Monday morning preliminary hearing, there was a discussion between the prosecution and defense over the details of the Jan. 1 robbery.

The defense spoke first and stated that “I don’t think there is enough evidence to hold Mr. Gaines to answer for [the robbery]. The only thing that links Mr. Gaines to that robbery—which in my opinion is a glorified shoplifting—is that he is seen some days later driving that same car.”

The prosecution responded and claimed that there exists a “still shot” from the surveillance footage of a suspect “who appears to look very much like the defendant” and that Gaines was seen driving the same blue Volvo seen at the scene of the incident days later.

“I think those in combination are sufficient to prove identity,” the prosecutor claimed.

The judge stated that sufficient evidence was presented during the hearing to make a holding on each of the charges—murder, use of a firearm and great bodily injury (both connected to the murder), violation of felony probation, carrying a loaded firearm on one’s person, carjacking, use of a deadly weapon (the car itself), personal great bodily injury (to the victim of the carjacking), the theft of the dirt bike and grand theft of personal property (purse and iPhone).

Gaines, in custody on $2.5 million bail, was ordered to appear in court April 18 for arraignment and trial-setting.

About The Author

Anna Olsen is a recent UC Berkeley graduate originally from Seattle, WA. She double majored in law and global studies and plans to head to law school after taking a gap year to become a juvenile defense attorney.

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