Pedroia Fires Back after Latest Attack from Reisig

By Robert J. Hansen

Brett Pedroia sent an email to the Vanguard in response to an article in the California Globe yesterday where Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig called him a “child rapist seeking a soft on crime district attorney.”

In the California Globe article, Reisig said that Brett Pedroia, the brother of Boston Red Sox’s second baseman Dustin Pedroia, had one of the most “notorious child molestation cases in Yolo County history.”

“I wish the District Attorney would please stop this smear of my character, it has actually backfired on the DA and it has damaged his support network and especially his credibility on all his drug and alcohol reforms,” Pedroia said.

Pedroia and his family have contributed thousands of dollars each year to the community and local campaigns.

“Since this last contribution to the DA race between our family, and the smear on me personally by Jeff Reisig, we as a family want to apologize to all the families, businesses, and non-profits we have donated to through the years as we don’t want them to feel there are being included in this disrespectful and untruthful political tactic from Mr. Reisig,” Pedroia said.

Reisig and California Globe journalist Katy Grimes speculated about Pedroia’s and Dev’s motives in donating to Rodriguez.

“They want a new DA. They want leniency. Child molesters and rapists don’t like me because I’m convicting them and sending them to prison,” Reisig told the California Globe. “Prison is where they belong.”

The article also begins by implying Rodriguez accepted contributions from convicted child molesters and organizations seeking to destroy law enforcement.

Despite what opponents of criminal justice reform like Grimes and Reisig say, no one or organization is seeking to “destroy law enforcement.” 

“But seeing a candidate take thousands of dollars from convicted child rapists and molesters is something I never thought I’d ever see,” Reisig said.

Pedroia said Reisig’s claim of contributing over the cap is not true and has documentation that proves “that is a lie.”

“Our family’s contribution was $3500. We as a family donate to many campaigns that have always appreciated our contributions,” Pedroia said. 

Since Reisig’s hurtful claims that he is a bad guy and making shocking claims about his character, Pedroia says he had the Rodriguez camp send it to a nonprofit that needs the financial support.

Pedroia has not been in trouble for over ten years and Sanjay Dev was never convicted of any crime—and his brother’s case is currently in an appellate court.

“One of the highlights of my life was in 2019 (when) I was presented by the United States Marine Corps reserves ‘Commander’s Award’ for my outstanding achievement in support of Toys For Tots and the coats for kids program,” Pedroia said. “I contributed to over 300 kids and families in Yolo County.”

Pedroia says he has received many phone calls thanking him for all he has done through many foundations and organizations in the community.

“Another highlight for me personally was donating to every little leaguer in Cal Ripken and Woodland Little League my brother’s new cleats by Under Armor. Every parent and child was so appreciative of me leading that effort. Cleats can be an expensive expense when playing baseball as a child for some parents to pay for, and I had them all donated to help out our community,” Pedroia said.

Pedroia told the press he was very surprised Reisig went after him as most of Reisig’s donors, associates, and friends are also Pedroia’s personal friends. 

“I can’t imagine him calling his friends, associates, and donors those hurtful comments publicly,” Pedroia said.

Pedroia claims quite a few of Reisig’s donors have taken away their support for Reisig over what he said about him and now are voting for Cynthia Rodriguez. 

“It will be interesting if they ask for their contributions back too. I hope that Mr. Reisig sees how much this attack towards me has hurt him in this election, as I don’t deserve to be treated like this,” Pedroia said.

About The Author

Robert J Hansen is an investigative journalist and economist. Robert is covering the Yolo County DA's race for the Vanguard.

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  1. Alan Miller

    Jeff Reisig  BLEW IT with this and lost my vote.

    He will now join Dan Carson and the Yes on H campaign in losing my vote — or rather since I can’t vote for Carson I will support his opponent monetarily and support-wise.

    Stop doing extremely stupid things, people.  Integrity matters.  More than anything else.

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