Sentencing Paused after Aghast Judge Informed Accused Man Required Interpreter

By Lamiya Gulamhusein

ALAMEDA, CA – During a sentencing this Monday morning in Alameda County Superior Court, Judge Kevin Murphy called the proceedings to a screeching halt when he was informed the man being sentenced required an interpreter.

Jose Luis Martinez Nunez was convicted of felony burglary in the second-degree after pleading no contest.

“You will be placed under probation for two years,” began Judge Murphy, and continued to explain the terms and conditions of this sentencing, conveying that Martinez Nunez would receive credit for time served for 66 days and that he was subject to multiple fines.

However, the judge’s sentencing was interrupted when an attorney requested an interpreter for the Nunez.

“Don’t tell me,” responded an apparently aghast Judge Murphy. “Nobody said that…I need to know this.” He then asked another attorney if they were aware Nunez needed an interpreter.

“Your Honor, I have to apologize,” answered the attorney. “I had a couple of other things going on at the same time…and I’m sorry.”

“All right, let’s call the interpreter,” stated Judge Murphy, and after a brief waiting period, the sentencing resumed and the judge repeated the information pertaining to Nunez’ probation.

“Martinez Nunez, do you understand and accept those terms?” asked Judge Murphy.

Nunez, through his interpreter, responded, “Yes.”

About The Author

Lamiya is a fourth year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley, graduating with a double major in English and Rhetoric in 2022.

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