Everyday Injustice Podcast Episode 157: Michael Gaines Gets Life for Crime He Didn’t Commit


This week on Everyday Injustice we talk with Bree and Malissa Hurry about the case of Michael Gaines, who has been incarcerated since 2003 for a crime, they believe, he did not commit.

According to them, Gaines was 18 years old at the time he was sentenced and charged with murder during the commission of a robbery—there was no DNA evidence or fingerprints on the murder weapon that link Michael to the crime. They did find the shooter with the murder weapon and his prints were on the gun.

He was also the victim of ineffective assistance of counsel, as Michael wanted to go to trial, but his lawyer said no.  The ringleaders of the crime were given a 20-year deal.  Gaines got LWOP.

They believe he was convicted by unreliable material witness statements, two of them given by the actual perpetrators of the crime who were given a deal.


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