Homeless Woman Faces Petty Crimes, but Stuck on Waiting List for Project Roomkey – Judge Considers Releasing Her If Room Not Provided

By Oliver Camarena

WOODLAND, CA – A homeless woman’s case—she’s facing 11 largely petty misdemeanor charges dating back to 2019—was reviewed Thursday in Yolo County Superior Court by Judge Peter Williams.

The woman (the Vanguard is not using her name because the charges are not felonies) has been charged with three counts of trespassing, three counts of interference with business, two counts of battery on a person, two counts of battery on a peace officer, two counts of resisting or obstructing peace officers, public intoxication, battery against a cohabiting spouse or former, vandalism, destruction of property, shoplifting, petty theft, and giving false ID.

Rob Gorman, the homeless woman’s defense counsel, reiterated that she had been approved for Project Roomkey and has been on a waitlist for some time. He was under the impression that she would be in a motel by now.

The homeless woman is currently in custody but has since been diagnosed with a mental illness that Gorman says is the reason for her charges.

Gorman argued her undiagnosed and untreated mental illness are the cause for the charges and is asking that she be given a motel room in accordance with her approval for Project Roomkey.

Gorman further suggested that his client be released with a GPS so she could be tracked once a room became available, though Judge Williams worries that if she were to be released, she would rack up more charges and end up in court once more.

Deputy District Attorney Sherri Bridgeforth noted two of the charges against the accused were for battery on a police officer and shared the judge’s concern that it would be difficult to get the woman back in custody and to reappear for her court dates.

Gorman questioned the validity of the accused’s charges of battery on a peace officer, pointing out the accused’s short height and low weight.

Judge Williams then asked the probation officer about the woman’s place on the waitlist for a motel room and was told she was number three on the list.

Judge Williams then inquired into what that meant or if there was an estimated time for the woman to actually be provided with a room.

When it was revealed that there was no estimation of how long the waitlist would take, Judge Williams set another review date for May 9 and said if progress is not made in getting the accused a room through Project Roomkey then he will strongly consider her release.

About The Author

Oliver is a fourth year student at the University of California, Davis pursuing a bachelors degree in political science. He is a transfer student from Porterville College and has associate degrees in both political science and social science. After graduation, Oliver plans to take a gap year before attending law school.

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