Judge ‘Frustrated’ by Claim of Man Representing Himself on Attempted Murder Charge

By Amy Berberyan

RIVERSIDE, CA — After listening to the claims last Friday of pro per defendant Tyrone Gee—facing attempted murder charges in Riverside County Superior Court—Judge Jorge Hernandez expressed frustration, being unable to understand what the accused wanted him to do.

The initial confusion began when Gee alleged he had sent videos with the voicemails he sent to the alleged victim to the court’s investigator, but the court said it did not receive the evidence.

According to District Attorney Brett Swenson, the victim had been “receiving some threatening emails from Mr. Gee after this case was filed.” When a private investigator, working for Gee, followed up with the victim, he obtained Gee’s voicemails.

DDA Swenson also said Gee was referencing text messages sent prior to when he went into custody, which DDA Swenson did not have. Judge Hernandez requested the investigative report.

According to Judge Hernandez, the private investigator did not “state anything about a gun or violence, but it does appear Tyrone is rambling on about random issues in his apartment, issues and life.” Also he stated “Tyrone has a criminal mindset, but does suffer from mental illness.”

Gee denied threatening the victim and started speaking over Judge Hernandez, who told him, “Hold on. Because it’s hard for me to figure out what you’re talking about at any given time.”

The judge added, “I try to give you as much patience as possible, but you still go off on tangents and I still can’t follow what it is that you want. So stop.”

They returned to the subject of the recorded voicemails. When Gee said he did not have them, Judge Hernandez said he would make sure that he got them. Again, Gee denied leaving the victim threatening messages.

Judge Hernandez reminded Gee that motion to compel involves “[proving] the DA has those items in his possession to give to the defendant.”

Furthermore, after DDA Swenson said he did not have the evidence, Gee referenced the DA investigative report that had “nothing to do” with what he was talking about, according to Judge Hernandez.

He added, “I’ll let you talk. Let’s see if you can make it clear because you haven’t so far.”

Gee said there were two videos of his neighbors threatening him and that the report did not say anything about the video, which he claimed he sent with the voicemails.

DA Swenson said the investigator never mentioned anything about that to him since he had only checked voicemails, not texts. Furthermore, he was unaware of “anyone on the prosecution team having that video.”

Judge Hernandez denied the motion to compel after hearing this. He acknowledged that, while Gee was supposed to start jury trial Friday, there were no open courtrooms.

Gee laughed and mentioned a private investigator who had said he would testify about the videos. He said “his horse just died and he’s retiring. And he had a very bad attitude.”

Gee requested a new private investigator, and was appointed one with 25 investigative hours.

As the hearing drew to a close, Judge Hernandez admitted, “I’m confused because I get frustrated when I’m unable to follow what you’re asking, because my job is to try and give you what you’re asking for. But if I don’t understand what you’re asking for, then it’s hard for me to make a decision.”

“I didn’t explain myself correctly,” Gee said, and claimed the video he was talking about was with the voicemails he sent to the victim. Judge Hernandez reiterated that DDA Swenson said they did not review text messages.

Gee requested the appearance of the man who had accused him. DDA Swenson revealed that the man already had a warrant out for his arrest for failing to appear in court twice.

The matter was trailed to June 3.

About The Author

Amy is a UCLA student majoring in English and Philosophy. She is interested in law and is from Burbank, California.

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