Reisig Wins Endorsement Trifecta of Top Local Newspapers

By Robert J. Hansen

Woodland, CA – “As your district attorney, I am proud to have the support of a broad coalition of leaders from across our county,” Jeff Reisig, Yolo County District Attorney, told the Woodland Daily Democrat in April. “Including the super-majority of the Yolo County Board of Supervisors, the Mayor and multiple Councilmembers from the City of Woodland, crime victims, police and firefighters, business owners, educators, and child advocates. I’d be honored to have your support as well.”

Reisig has been endorsed by the Daily Democrat as well as the Davis Enterprise and the Sacramento Bee.

“I’m honored to have received the Editorial Board Endorsements of the Woodland Daily Democrat, the Sacramento Bee, and the Davis Enterprise,” Reisig said on Facebook.

The Enterprise said the DA has one main job, keeping the community safe.

“The Yolo DA’s Office … as they shepherded the investigation through an almost unfathomable series of delays to ensure that all the perpetrators were brought to justice,” The Enterprise said.

The Enterprise said the very role of district attorneys has become a proxy fight for what kind of justice system Americans want to have.

Nationally, statewide and locally, the idea of how “progressive” a DA is, and what “progressive” even means, has become the main point of debate, according to the Enterprise.

“While we regard that as an important part of the big-picture conversation on crime and punishment, ultimately, we still believe the most important attribute in a DA is an effectiveness in prosecuting criminals, and so we are backing incumbent District Attorney Jeff Reisig for another term on the June ballot,” The Enterprise said.

“Reisig is as well-positioned as any prosecutor in the state to deliver on the reforms many of his detractors seek — with bipartisan appeal and public safety in mind,” The Bee Ed Board said. “Yolo County voters across the political spectrum should feel confident electing Reisig to a fifth term.”

The Sacramento Bee said Reisig’s challenger, Cynthia Rodriguez, and her criticisms of Reisig take issue with the broader criminal justice system, mass incarceration, and the scale of Reisig’s reforms rather than any legitimate shortcoming of the incumbent.

The Bee noted Reisig’s attack ads by saying he is acutely aware of how he narrowly won in 2018 against Dean Johansson.

“The bitterness of the campaign should not distract voters from Reisig’s irrefutable experience and record of innovative and influential reform,” The Bee said.

Patty Fong, a Yolo Deputy District Attorney, supports Reisig and has had a front-row seat to his entire career.

“I have been a deputy district attorney for Yolo County for 30-plus years, most recently as a retired volunteer DDA and I live in Davis. I have seen Jeff in action his entire Yolo County career,” Fong said in a letter to the Enterprise.

Fong thinks Reisig’s proposal for drug treatment in a secured facility is innovative.

“We know that the drug-addicted defendants need to hit rock bottom before they reach out for help,” Fong said. “Most need a significant period of clean time to reach that epiphany. The proposed legislation to provide a secured drug treatment program as a rehabilitation option is new because voluntary outpatient and residential programs just don’t work.”

DA Reisig could not be reached for comment.

About The Author

Robert J Hansen is an investigative journalist and economist. Robert is covering the Yolo County DA's race for the Vanguard.

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