Letter: Cynthia Is the Right Choice

By Ellen Eggers

I have known Cynthia Rodriguez for over 30 years, having served with her as a deputy state public defender, beginning in 1990.  Although I retired from the public defender’s office after 24 years, since retirement and for the past 10 years, I work entirely pro bono, representing innocent persons who have been wrongfully convicted. Like me, Cynthia understands the responsibilities of law enforcement to be balanced and reasoned; she does not predicate her success on sending people to prison, but will do so when required.  Unlike many prosecutors, Cynthia will not oppose an exoneration when there is clear evidence of a wrongful conviction.

Cynthia and I have both seen the terrible impact of the Yolo County District Attorney’s infamous policy of overcharging for single crimes, a policy which brings unnecessary harm and instability to the region.  I know Cynthia very well, and I share her passion for making justice work for everyone.

I’ve seen Cynthia work tirelessly with prosecution and defense attorneys to come up with safe, fair and responsible solutions that don’t escalate harm to victims but still make sure that those, who need to be locked up, will be locked up for as much time as needed to correct the criminal behavior. Warehousing people, and automatically branding them as criminals for life, benefits no one.

Cynthia and I have had decades of experience working in the criminal justice system.  We have both seen first-hand how society is best served by separating and rehabilitating those who need to be removed from society and to work to prevent crime in the first place

Cynthia is smart, hardworking and dedicated to her work.  I applaud her courage in taking on the old worn-out methods that simply do not work.  Being tough has it’s place, but I say it’s time to be smart on crime!  Cynthia is the right person for this job.  Join me in electing Cynthia Rodriguez for Yolo County District Attorney.

Ellen Eggers is a Retired Deputy State Public Defender

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