Judge Gives Man One More Chance to Redeem Himself Despite Evidence Man Unwilling to Participate in Probation

By Tommy Nguyen

YOLO, CA – Yolo County Superior Court Judge Peter Williams gave the accused one more chance to seek rehabilitation later this week during his violation of probation hearing.

The accused was charged with felony vandalism and misdemeanor unlawful possession of substances originally, but when he picked up a new misdemeanor case it led to his felony violation of probation.

Before the new misdemeanor case was added to the record, the previous sentencing recommendation from the Probation Office was 45 days.

However, in light of the prosecution’s evidence of the accused’s unwillingness to rehabilitate and comply with the terms of his probation, the prosecution was asking the court to impose a two-year sentence in prison. 

For more a year, the accused was “told several times” to engage in probation and enroll in treatment classes. However, he has not done any of that, showing no interest in participating in any form of probation.

Without a moment to think, Judge Williams decided to allow the accused to admit to the previous 45-day sentence, giving him another chance to make it right and avoid putting himself into prison.

“I guess I’ll call this your lucky day,” the judge said. “You need to do this or you’re going to go to prison. Two years. That’s got to be enough motivation to go enroll in your class, get your treatment; do whatever the heck it is that you’re supposed to do.”

The accused admitted to violating the terms of his probation, and Judge Williams ordered the accused be given a list of things he needs to finish during the 45 days; otherwise, the two-year prison sentence will be imposed.

About The Author

Tommy is a sophomore majoring in Economics and minoring in Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. He is an international student from Vietnam and fueled with the frustration agaisnt flawed justice system that lets down the minority. He is aspired to become a criminal justice attorney and will hopefully attend law school in 2025.

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