Judge Grants 19-Year-Old Man No Bail Release Prior to Upcoming Trial for ‘Road Rage’ Incident

By Gracy Joslin

WOODLAND, CA- Yolo County Superior Court Judge David W. Reed granted Attorney Christy Van Stelle’s request on behalf of her client, to allow the accused to be released on supervised own recognizance—no bail—pending his felony trial.

The accused’s charges include threatening a crime with the intent to terrorize, abuse and or endangering the health of a dependent adult and vandalism.

Attorney Van Stelle argued for the release of the accused, 19, by giving the court a better understanding of who he is, his ties to his community, and to his family.

She explained this is the first time he has been arrested and he has no prior convictions or juvie record, stating, “He supports his family as well as having pretty decent long ties to Yolo County… I don’t think that there is any flight risk at all or safety to society issue.”

She also noted his longtime girlfriend who currently lives in Davis and does not work so she can stay home with their one-year-old child.

Leading up to the incident, the accused worked at Target and then Motel 6 to provide for his family.

When describing the incident in question, Van Stelle clarified, “It came from a road rage incident… My client’s car was hit first.”

Moreover, she said, “There was behavior after where the driver of the car had a three-inch laceration from being struck with something along his hairline… but I do not believe any stitches were required.”

She also told the court that the accused does not know this other individual involved in the incident and has no reason to come in contact with them again if he were to be released on supervised OR.

She added that he is willing to check in with probation and reiterated, “There is no gang affiliation in this case and he has a clean juvie record as well.”

Deputy District Attorney Deanna Hays said she believed there was in fact a public safety risk if the accused were to be released.

She said he is a risk, “just based on the complaint itself,” but did agree that he doesn’t seem to be a flight risk and does have a minimal criminal record.

Further she said, “It does appear that [the accused] can support himself in the community and return to court,” but asked the court to consider the comments made by the victim when considering granting or denying OR.

Judge Reed then came to a ruling.

The court granted the accused release on supervised OR. The preliminary hearing for the accused’s case will be July 28.

About The Author

Gracy is a 4th Year at UC Davis studying Political Science and minoring in Communications and Sociology. Post graduation plans include traveling and then eventually attending Law School.

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