Judge Helps Dissuade Man from Pleading Guilt, and Risking Life in Prison

By Tashayia George 

MODESTO, CA — The accused wanted to plead to breaking the law here in Stanislaus County Superior Court this past week—but if he did, he could be sentenced to life in prison.

And, his defense attorney said as much—backed up by the judge.

Judge Linda McFadden noted the case is not a three strikes case and wanted to see if Deputy District Attorney Aurora Maddocks would make an offer, commenting, “This is not a three strikes case. Now that you know…”

Maddocks responded, “I am still not going to make an offer. I will not go against my office.”

Attorney Meyers told the court the accused would like to admit to a new violation—his “rap sheet” lists domestic violence, and firearms related charges. Any violation of law could send him back to prison.

“If you admit to the post release violation to the new case violation, you will be admitting to the new law violation and it will be used against you. Do you really want to do that?” Judge McFadden said, adding “if you admit to the new law violation, you are admitting to a life sentence and that is pretty much a slam dunk for the DA.”

Defense Attorney Meyers responded, “We are going to set a prelim on this.”

Judge McFadden agreed, “That sounds like the right choice. The earliest would probably be Aug. 8.”

As DDA Maddock gathered her belongings, Judge McFadden had a few things to say off the record.

“Don’t forget about us on Monday, we have eight preliminary hearings,” said the judge, suggesting Maddock have lunch with the other DAs to resolve some of these cases.

Maddock intervened, “I send all my offers out ahead of time, and my phone number,” and the judge playfully quipped that someone should call Maddock at 3 a.m. and make a deal.

About The Author

Tashayia is a newly undergraduate from CSU Stanislaus, who recieved her BA in Criminal Justice. She is planning to take the LSAT in November of 2022, and is planning to start Law School in fall of 2023. Until then she is gaining as much hands on experience as she can before she enters law school.

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