Judge Recalls Warrant in Traffic Case When Accused Demonstrates Will to Take Responsibility


By Tommy Nguyen

WOODLAND, CA – During a man’s arraignment hearing this week, the judge decided to recall a warrant because the man expressed his willingness to take responsibility for his actions.

The man—unidentified because the charges were only misdemeanors—was charged with two misdemeanors: driving with a suspended license and failure to appear in court after a written promise.

The court began with the prosecution informing the court of its proposed disposition, which was the strike of a $450 fine if the man’s driver’s license was no longer suspended.

The prosecution also offered to reduce the other traffic charges, including the failure to stop at a red light, to infractions.

The accused, however, had not obtained his license yet, claiming he was “too occupied with finding jobs and a cancer kid.” The hearing was his chance to have the warrant recalled so that he could finally apply for a job and proceed with getting his license back.

He also said he is willing to pay the $450 fine to the court as a reasonable punishment, as long as the court allows him to make separate payments.

Judge David Reed found a factual basis for the man’s no-contest plea. He also ordered the accused to pay the proposed fines, in payments of $50 per month until everything is paid off. 


About The Author

Tommy is a sophomore majoring in Economics and minoring in Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. He is an international student from Vietnam and fueled with the frustration agaisnt flawed justice system that lets down the minority. He is aspired to become a criminal justice attorney and will hopefully attend law school in 2025.

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One thought on “Judge Recalls Warrant in Traffic Case When Accused Demonstrates Will to Take Responsibility”

  1. Jaanvi Kaur

    Hi Minh,

    Thank you for sharing this piece. I think this just shows how courts can be rational when making decisions. The defendant admitted to his mistakes and the court made their decision accounting for that. I think the fine was a justifiable verdict considering he took responsibility for his actions rather than pleading an alternative stance.

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