LA District Attorney Gascón Announces Challenge to Court Ruling Mandating 3 Strikes Charges

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By The Vanguard Staff

LOS ANGELES, CA – Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón, in a public statement Thursday, said he would be appealing what his office called a “dangerous precedent” by the CA Court of Appeals that ruled prosecutors file a strike in all cases.

“This decision sets a dangerous precedent. The Court is effectively taking the charging decision out of the prosecutor’s hands–the core function of a prosecutor’s office. The decision also forces prosecutors around California to ignore important research that shows longer prison sentences do not lead to increased public safety and to ignore the unique factors of each individual case that militate against using strikes,” according to a statement attributed to Gascón’s office.

“The Three Strikes law imposes draconian penalties on defendants who were previously convicted of certain prior felonies; defendants with one prior felony conviction are subject to sentences more than two times longer and defendants with two or more prior felony convictions typically face sentences of 25 years-to-life in state prison,” it continued.

The LA DA Office statement argued, “These policies increase recidivism rates, have little-to-no deterrent effect and keep people in prison long after they pose any safety risk to their community.  They also disproportionately affect minorities—almost 93 percent of people sent to prison from Los Angeles County are Black people and people of color.”

The LA DA Office statement noted “District Attorney Gascón is now taking the fight for fairness and rationality in prosecution to the California Supreme Court. Under the California Constitution, prosecutorial power—and thus, prosecutorial discretion—belongs exclusively to the executive branch, and therefore, to the prosecutor’s office.”

“The Constitution further delegates to district attorneys the power to decide whether to institute criminal proceedings within their respective jurisdictions. That discretion includes the power to determine what charges to bring, and which sentencing enhancements to allege. Courts cannot take that power away,” the statement concluded.

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    1. Bill Marshall

      If you had said,

      Hi, welcome to the LA DA’s office, where they appear to care more about the criminal than the victim crime.

      … might well be in agreement… but, you didn’t, and words have meaning

      So, have to assume you mean justice=vengeance=revenge=”pay-back”… good to know where you are apparently ‘coming from’ (including comments made on another thrad’)… I fully understand that “point of view”, and might act on it, if it involved “mine” (other thread, which I posted on), but it appears you have another agenda(s)… cool… just OWN them, and be open about them…  ‘pretty please’…

      I OWN my posts, and have been pretty much ‘transparent’ as to why… I seriously doubt that you will do likewise…

      Called “transparency”…

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