Public Defender Claims Alleged Probation Violation Due to Clerical Error – Judge Not So Sure

By Veronica Miller

WOODLAND, CA – Judge Peter Williams last week here in Yolo County Superior Court decided to delay a final decision in a case involving a possible trial of a woman who allegedly violated her DUI probation by consuming alcohol before a supposed 2025 date.

The accused—not identified because it’s not a felony case—was previously charged with misdemeanor driving under the influence and misdemeanor drunk driving.

She was placed on probation, and required to wear a SCRAM device, which is a 24-hour alcohol monitoring system that tests a person’s sweat every 30 minutes and looks for any signs of alcohol.

During her time with her SCRAM device she was caught consuming alcohol, confirmed by police.

Deputy Public Defender Danielle Craig argued that there was an error in the original paperwork which suggested she was allowed to drink in moderation.

Craig also argued there was no evidence provided that she did not drink in moderation like she was told she could, according to the paperwork.

PD said the paperwork was changed in March 2022 to say that there is no alcohol consumption allowed.

Judge Williams responded that a term of the probation was that there would be no consumption of alcohol, especially since they put the accused on a SCRAM device.

Deputy District Attorney Sherri Bridgeforth added the events of alcohol consumption happened in the time of the accused wearing the SCRAM device, and that there is no proof that the original documents did not state that she was not allowed to consume alcohol during the six-month period of wearing the SCRAM device.

Judge Williams maintained there was more than enough evidence to prove that the accused had consumed alcohol during a time in which she should not have been, and that her probation terms noted she was to stay away from alcohol until 2025 when her probation is set to end.

Judge Williams asked for both parties to return to court Aug. 15, when he’ll have a final decision of whether the case will move forward.

About The Author

Veronica is a senior at UC Davis majoring in Political Science Public Service. She is passionate about advocating for women's rights and plans on attending law school where she can continue to advocate.

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