Survey Reveals Whites Believe They Are Victims of Discrimination More Than People of Color


By Michele Chadwick

COLLEGE PARK, MD – White people see an increase in discrimination against other white people more than they see discrimination against other races, according to a University of Maryland study by Shibley Telhami and Stella Rouse entitled “American Attitudes on Race and Ethnicity.”

The study noted “nearly a third of white Americans say they have seen ‘a lot more’ discrimination against white people in the past five years – and more than half of them say they have not seen a rise in discrimination against Black and Latino Americans,” according to a story in the academic journal The Conversation.

And, while a majority of white Americans polled don’t believe that there has been a rise in discrimination against minority groups, the study found a large majority of Black Americans believe they have been on the receiving end of discrimination.

The survey was conducted May 6-16, 2022, online using a nationally representative sample that was adjusted to reflect population estimates, and the questions “were fielded as part of a larger poll on foreign and domestic issues.”

The questionnaire reduced the respondents to their political party. The three categories were Republican, Democratic, or Independent.

One of the questions was, “Compared to five years ago and based on your own experience, including interactions with others, how much racial/ethnic/religious discrimination (such as actions that discriminate against a person because of their race, ethnicity, or religion), if any, would you say exists against each of the following groups in the U.S. today?”

Then the respondent must answer for each of the following: White Americans, Black Americans, Latino Americans, Asian Americans, Muslim Americans, Christian Americans, and Jewish Americans.

The respondent then assigned each ethnicity an answer out of the following: A Lot More, A Little More, About the Same, A Little Less, A Lot Less, or About the Same.

The poll revealed 25 percent of Americans believed that White Americans were a lot more likely to face discrimination, but not historical victims of discrimination or people of color.

Broken down by party preferences, 50 percent of Republicans, 20 percent of Independent voters and five percent of Democrats believed White Americans were a lot more likely to face discrimination. 

Comparing the percentages of other categories of the same question, Republicans voted much lower on every other category. The second highest percentage of a lot more likely to face discrimination by the Republican respondents was Christian Americans, 30 percent.

However, the Democrats rated categories other than white American and Christian American much higher with the response much more.

“That many white Americans, the dominant racial group in U.S. society, see more discrimination against other white people than those who have historically endured this treatment is troubling,” wrote The Conversation.


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Michele is a senior at UC Santa Barbara from Los Angles County.

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