ADA Who Prosecuted Ghost Gun Distributors Resigns from SF DA’s Office

The following was tweeted by Alexandra Grayner who prosecuted ghost gun distributors and large environmental polluters, and resigned after DA Jenkins demoted her for political reasons.

By Alexandra Grayner

This week I resigned from my role as an Assistant District Attorney at the SFDA’s office, where I prosecuted ghost gun distributors and large environmental polluters. I resigned after DA Jenkins demoted me for political reasons in disregard of the needs of our cases.

Just days after firing 15 attorneys for political reasons, Jenkins transferred me off my cases in the White Collar Unit without explanation, which surprised me considering I did not hold a managerial or policy position, and was performing well.

I was transferred off complex cases that I had been working on for over one year, two months before several trials in cases with immediate pretrial deadlines. This disregarded the best interests of our client: the People of the State of California.

I was also the office’s sole environmental prosecutor. It’s been three weeks since my demotion and no one has been assigned to fill this role. For the first time in years, the SFDA’s office has no environmental prosecutor.

Jenkins has fired or demoted every single attorney that investigated/prosecuted police officers, including me. During the recall Jenkins made baseless allegations that all these attorneys acted unethically. She gutted the IIB unit and will not properly investigate police officers.

Despite publicly lauding Chesa’s Post Conviction Unit, Jenkins fired or demoted every single attorney in that unit, including the Chief and liaison to the Innocence Commission. Jenkins will not continue popular programs attempting to redress over-incarceration.

Jenkins’ political purge has spread fear far and wide in the office, silencing any attorney who may support actual criminal justice reform for fear they will lose their job. 100+ SF attorneys closest to criminal justice issues are silenced before the election.

We can’t trust Jenkins to do what’s right for the SFDA’s office or for San Francisco. Not if it comes at the expense of her political power, which we now know is funded quite generously by conservative interest groups.

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  1. Walter Shwe

    Jenkins continues to commit professional malfeasance. Ghost gun distributors belong behind bars. There is an epidemic of gun violence in this country.

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