Unknown ‘Chan’ Committed Crimes, Claims Accused Handyman – But It’s Handyman Not ‘Chan’ Now Set for Trial

By Mihajla Milovanovic

MODESTO, CA – The alleged victim of a sexual assault testified here in Stanislaus County Superior Court Tuesday in the preliminary hearing for the accused, accused of sexual assault during his job as a handyman.

“Jane Doe” explained her encounter with the accused once he entered her house, noting the house was completely dark, to the point she could not see his face or clothing. She said her debit cards had been stolen and that the stolen cards were actively being used.

Additionally, she was questioned about her home to which she spoke about her room not having a lock and that the accused, her handyman at the time, knew the locks to her door and would come in almost every day for repairs.

Jane Doe claimed that she “saw a pair of eyes” and she added, “I screamed really loud and high pitched. I screamed for help, just help…. He put his arms against my neck.” Jane Doe said the intruder, not knowing at the time that it was the accused, identified himself as “Chan.”

The victim gave a detailed explanation that the accused tied her hands together with a rope and turned her on her stomach to where she could not see his face during the sexual assault.

Following the incident, she stated she went to the hospital immediately and went through a full medical examination.

Deputy District Attorney Larissa Jones began by questioning a deputy about identifying the accused. The deputy explained that on video surveillance footage she saw people getting into the car coming from the victim’s house, further adding that the vehicle in the video belonged to the accused.

The next deputy explained that multiple surveillance videos had also shown the accused using the stolen debit cards at various locations.

The deputy continued his testimony by going through his interaction with the accused, noting the accused “originally made up a story about this Chan person…and I asked him if there is any reason why his DNA would be on her clothing…he then revealed to me that they had a sexual relationship.”

The deputy added the accused told the deputy that “Chan” was the one doing the sexual things to her,” including “putting a firearm on her butthole.”

When DDA Jones asked the deputy about the “Chan” person that was supposedly with the accused during the time of the incident, he stated that when he asked the accused if he was a real person, he told the deputy “he is real to me.”

Once the examinations were completed, Judge Westbrook then proceeded to find probable cause that the accused was involved in the burglary and sexual assault. The arraignment will occur in two weeks.

About The Author

Mihajla is a third year undergraduate student at the University of Southern California. She is pursing a major in Spanish and a minor in Immigration law. After graduation, she plans to go to law school and become an immigration lawyer.

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