Guest Commentary: Democrats Make a Better Economy

by Scott Steward

It is not an easy time if you don’t have a job or are relying on a fixed income. But more Americans have jobs and those who have been working hard, in low pay jobs, are doing better with Biden than they were with Trump—much better. Rebekah also knows the economy is working better with Biden as President and the economy has worked better under Democratic Presidents historically.

The idea that the Republican Party is better for the economy is just false.

Maybe the Republicans are better at withholding your money—”you need to do your chores first.” We Americans have been doing our chores, “daddy,” and self-motivated Americans have opened up 25% more businesses since the passage of Biden’s American Rescue Act in early 2020.

The stock market is going to have a hard time, but most of us are not speculators living off stocks. Of the 53% of households with some amount of stock, most have $40,000 or less. Considering the few households with hundreds of millions in stock, the rest of us have very little stock or don’t care about the stock market; the speculators and 1% will have to take a back seat. The economy that matters to the American people is doing better.

Inflation is hurting, but the number of jobs and the amount they pay has improved more than they have in a generation. Supply chain issues are hurting the electronics and car manufacturers. The war in Ukraine, droughts and floods are hurting food and parts supply all over the world.

Many Republicans would like to give your money to the rich and call that good economics. The Trump two trillion-dollar tax break “Jobs Act” benefited the richest most, and those with the least amount of income almost nothing. The Jobs Act also cut health care coverage for many Americans.

Biden’s 15% minimum tax on corporations helps Americans with low incomes. Americans getting low pay saw their incomes increase by 15% and they are holding onto those gains. With Joe Biden more people have health care than ever before because they have access and because they can afford it. We have the lowest unemployment rates since WWII. And now we are giving hope to our young people by investing $369 billion in jobs, research and infrastructure—into an economy that puts people first.

Please consider voting for an economy that puts people first, for the rights of your loved ones and for the future of your children. Please help your friends and relatives vote for a Democratic candidate in the election this November 8th.

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  1. Keith Olson

    This is laughable. Biden’s policies have helped put us into a recession with the highest inflation in 40 years, a crashing stock market and early signs are in place for a coming housing collapse.

    Yes jobs are returning and businesses are opening back up, but these aren’t new jobs or businesses, these are jobs that were lost during the pandemic shutdowns.  For the most part they aren’t newly created jobs that Biden can take credit for.

    “It’s the economy stupid”, a phrase used by Democrats to unseat Bush, will also be used against Biden in this year’s midterms.

    So I don’t think Democrats are even going to mention the economy, they know it’s a losing issue for them.

    1. Keith Olson

      People see what they see, and what voters are seeing now is a crumbling economy, 2 quarters of negative GDP which equals a recession, 40 year high inflation rates, a bear stock market with the market now lower than when Biden took office, climbing interest rates which will lead to a crashing housing market, etc…




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