District 4 Deserves Adam Morrill


by Jeremy Taylor

District 4 residents will decide in November whether to elect Adam Morrill or Gloria Partida.

Gloria has shown time and time again that she is out of touch with our district. And it shows with constituents; ask anyone here in Mace Ranch who our council member is and few will answer correctly. In District 4, our greenbelts need severe work, crime from Target continues to take place, and our kids and pedestrians have the ever-increasing risk of being hurt by falling tree limbs. Our current council member has done nothing in this district to make it better.

And to add insult to injury, when nearly every single one of my neighbors here at the Mace Curve voted against measure H, she voted in favor. Did Gloria come talk with my neighborhood to hear our concerns or even just learn what’s been going on? Nope. Not once.

Then here comes Adam, who quite frankly is fed up with a city council member who accomplishes very little in their own district. Adam is going to have fireside chats in Mace Ranch before the November election where he actually takes the time to listen to residents. This has happened zero times in the eight years Gloria has been elected.

Adam is rightfully demanding an update to our general plan before sending to voters any other development plans, like the train wreck that measure H was.

Adam is ready to listen to the people and stand for them, which is welcome like a breath of fresh air. Council member Partida is great at listening to special interest groups, like the developers of Measure H, but she has a serious lack of interest in listening to the constituents she is supposed to represent.

Without a council member who represents our interests, like we have today, we might as well have no representation. Adam will not always agree with D4 residents, I’m sure, but he will always listen. And I’d rather have a city council member who listens over one who doesn’t eight days a week. Adam Morrill is going to change D4 for the better.

Jeremy Taylor is a resident of District 4.

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  1. Bill Marshall

    The ‘headline’,

    District 4 Deserves Adam Morrill

    Can be interpreted two ways… positive, or negative.

    As a resident, voter, in “D4”, the community of Davis, and ‘newbie’ (correctly) in both [only lived in E Davis, Mace Ranch (far EE Davis) for 43 years], I am concerned…

    I’ve met both candidates, and have had productive two-way discussions with both… IMNSHO opinion, either of them will bring value to the District, and the whole community (which I believe is most important).

    I have not yet decided to which I’ll cast my vote… but I am reasonably confident either will serve the City and the District well…

    I am VERY concerned that in “D4”, ‘endorsements’ are trending towards “good and evil”… I would wish the candidates would focus on their strengths, experience, views, aspirations for the community as a whole, and the “district”… without ‘villianization’ of their opponents… and encourage their ‘endorsers’ to do the same… I would hope that those residents/voters in District 1 do the same.  Silly me… probably a snowball’s chance in Hell…

    We need to elect folk that know the issues, are prepared to address them, and realize that they are NOT elected to be ‘demi-gods’ (nor, ‘demagogues’)… they should OWN that they are meant to represent their community (ALL of Davis) and their ‘districts’. The ‘common weal’, as it were…

    I see two, in “D4” who could serve the City and their district well… damn lucky… now, let the ‘endorsers’ who have more parochial views, get out of the way… yeah, am a stupid optimist…


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