Accused Pleads No Contest to DUI Charge, Accepts to Learn from Mistake

By Daniella Dueñas

WOODLAND, CA – Lesson learned, or at least that’s what the court hoped here in Yolo County Superior Court this week when it sentenced an accused for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The accused had a blood alcohol level above .15 percent, or nearly double the allowed level, said Deputy District Attorney Amanda Jayne Zambor, who added the accused “was found sleeping behind the wheel of the car, blocking a lane of traffic.

He admitted to driving and drinking two 12 oz. Modelo beers, and did not pass the field sobriety tests, indicating that he was under the influence.

After a Spanish speaking translator appeared, Judge Stephen L. Mock began by telling the accused if he accepted a plea of no contest, he would be given three years summary probation, need to serve eight days in the county jail, and pay a fine of $1,933.

Furthermore, the judge said that to make sure the accused learned from his actions, he would need to attend an alcohol education class and needed to maintain sobriety for the first six months of his probation, until April 2023.

Deputy Public Defender Cheyanne Martin interjected, letting the court know the accused had two days credit for the eight days mandated to serve in the county jail, “making it six days remaining.”

“I will give you five weeks to sign up for any of the programs in lieu of actually doing the jail time,” explained Judge Mock.

The accused pleaded no contest and shortly after was provided with paperwork which he would fill out with help from the Spanish interpreter.

Additionally, Judge Mock told him that until legally licensed, he could not drive with any amount of alcohol in his system and “must submit to a chemical test if stopped and suspected of drinking and driving.”

The accused agreed to making monthly payments of $100 towards the $1,933 fine. There was no future court date set for Zuniga, giving the accused time to learn from this incident.

About The Author

Daniella Dueñas is a recent graduate from the University of California, Davis. She double-majored in Political Science and Sociology, with an emphasis on law and society. Her interest is primarily in immigration law, however, she is also interested in criminal law and justice. Daniella plans to attend law school in the future, but is working towards getting a certificate from an ABA-approved paralegal program.

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