Defense Asks for No Bail, but Court Sets $20K Bail for Caretaking Mother of Four-Year-Old Child with Cancer

By Ramneet Singh

WOODLAND, CA – Yolo County Superior Court Judge Raoul Thorbourne set bail “below schedule” at $20,000 in an assault case this week at an arraignment for the accused, who told the court she needs to take care of her four-year-old daughter with cancer.

Records show two felony charges of “assault with a deadly weapon,” with an enhancement for “crime committed while on bail.” and another related to a prior conviction.

Deputy Public Defender Katie De Anda represented the accused, while Deputy District Attorney Amanda Zambor prosecuted.

De Anda set not guilty pleas, but asked to pass the case. This was followed by another case, which Thorbourne stated involved “identity theft,” where the accused was a codefendant.

For that case, a preliminary hearing was set for Nov. 8. Those court records stated the accused “remains on bail bond.”

Moving back to the assault, the bail was scheduled at $50,000.

DPD De Anda asked for release on supervised OR (release on no bail, on her own recognizance). Defense counsel acknowledged the seriousness of the offenses, but added “(The accused) has a four-year-old that is battling cancer.”

She noted the accused’s “sole occupation…is being a supportive caregiver for her four-year-old child.” It was later stated that she was unemployed and she would be willing to submit to any conditions.

DPD De Anda argued probation’s “risk assessment score” was just, but noted probation’s suggestion that OR should be denied because of the charges.

De Anda stated the accused “has a very minimal criminal history.” She noted that her current residence would be with her father-in-law.

If SOR is not the court’s decision, De Anda said, the accused’s “sole source of income is social security benefits where she makes $1,200 a month.”

DDA Zambor argued for a “stay away order” for the victim because “defendant first hit her with a metal chair by throwing it at her, then tried to go after one other person with a car, stopping short of him, and then went back to the first victim and actually hit her with a car, causing an injury causing her to go to the hospital.”

Zambor later argued that the accused’s criminal past was “mitigated.” She mentioned there are “several felony convictions” and time in prison.

The DDA added that “she has a pending case and she’s out on SOR and she’s committing new violent offenses…a public safety risk. I don’t think that there’s any less restrictive means under the Humphrey’s decision…I think $50,000 at schedule is appropriate.”

After going through potential courses of action, Judge Thorbourne noted the risk that the accused poses based on her record, even with potential mitigating options.

He initially suggested he might keep the bail amount at $50,000, but after DPD De Anda said it is “set at $20,000 by the jail right now, that’s below schedule” the judge settled on bail of $20,000.

He signed the stay away order, and confirmed the preliminary hearing for Nov. 8. 

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