Letter: Standing with Gloria Partida

We may not agree on every issue. We stand with Gloria Partida. We know her. We trust her. She has served admirably on the Davis City Council in one of the most challenging times in history.

Top row left to right: Will Arnold, Davis City Council, Ken Wagstaff, Former Davis Mayor, Hiram Jackson, Davis School Board Trustee Elect, Robb Davis, Former Davis Mayor, Jan Bridge, Former Davis School Board Trustee.

Third row left to right: Brett Lee, Former Davis Mayor, Joe DiNunzio, Davis School Board Trustee, Josh Chapman, Davis City Council, Jake Whitaker, Woodland School Board Trustee, Angel Barajas, Chair of Yolo County Board of Supervisors, Shelton Yip, Yolo County Board of Education Trustee, Tico Zendejas, Yolo County Board of Education.

Second row, left to right: Sheila Allen, Former Davis School Board Trustee, Mariko Yamada, Former Assemblymember, Lois Wolk, Former State Senator, Don Saylor, Yolo County Supervisor, Dan Carson, Davis City Council.

Front row: Cass Sylvia, Former Yolo County Public Guardian, Cecilia Aguiar Curry, Assemblymember, Marty West, Former Davis School Board Trustee, GLORIA PARTIDA, Delaine Eastin, Former California Superintendent of Education, Melissa Moreno, Yolo County Board of Education, Lucas Frerichs, Davis Mayor, Vickie Fernandez, Woodland City Councilmember.

And this was just those of us who found a way to stand in one place at a specific time. Let there be no mistake. Dirty politics has no place here.

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  1. Todd Edelman

    And this was just those of us who found a way to stand in one place at a specific time. Let there be no mistake. Dirty politics has no place here.

    Oddly-assembled paragraph, yes? Or is the implication that everyone in the photo practices clean politics?

  2. Ron Glick

    There were probably another 50 or 100 people there. Almost all of them long time members of this community. I hope you publish some of the photos of the bigger group.

    1. Don Shor

      Looks like a “Yes on Measure H” class of 2022 reunion photo

      Looks like a lot of people who have won multiple elections to public office, usually by very substantial margins, and the total years of public service represented in that photo is quite amazing.

    2. Dave Hart

      Alan, do you know what a one-trick pony is?  It can only do one trick, over and over, and it gets very boring watching it.  At some point, people just turn away.

    3. Hiram Jackson

      Maybe you know more about this than I do, but my impression is that a lot of Davis voters consider many other things about a candidate apart from prioritizing their stance on Measure H.

  3. Ron Glick

    The people in that picture aren’t there because of Measure H although some supported it while others never took any position at all. However they are there to repudiate the sleazy attack on Gloria Partida from No on H campaign members and the classless way Gloria’s opponent refused to disavow that sleaze in a not too subtle dog pile statement to the Davis Enterprise.

    1. Bill Marshall

      a not too subtle dog pile

      That works on at least two levels… part of the ‘club’ mentality?  It smells of defecation… (who let the dogs out).

      Partida and Carson appear to be on the same “hit-list”, based on the posts here, elsewhere…

      I do not “support” either, but am offended by a ‘club’ that seems to want to ‘club’ those who do not adhere to “the club line” (locally)… very offended…

      That the opponents have not spoken out, nor repudiating the “dog pile” attacks is also offensive and disturbing… [or dis-turding]

      But we have the political “scientists” to bless these things, and say “they’re part of the process”… embrace it, or “deal with it”, as they would say…

      But I’m on ‘injunear’ so beyond my pay-grade…

  4. Todd Andrews

    Partida stands shoulder to shoulder with developers at the expense of neighborhoods.  That is all you need to know to vote for Adam Morrill.  Nothing more need be said.

      1. Ron Oertel

        Development (whether it’s infill or sprawl) is THE primary issue – for any community.

        And it’s also the reason you’re seeing “fake outrage” on this blog, regarding Gloria Partida.

        As a side note, there were some letters which appeared to be purposefully-deceiving regarding Morrill’s position appearing before Gloria’s earlier crime (and possible current ramifications) was publicly-discussed.  I have yet to see Gloria Partida “repudiate” that.

        And here’s another “clue” for you:  If you ever see those associated with school boards (especially in Davis) “standing with a candidate”, that’s a pretty good clue that they are supporters of sprawl.

        And why are elected officials from Woodland getting involved with this?  (That’s another clue you’re on the wrong track, unless Woodland is your idea of responsible development patterns.) Same goes for some of the others listed above.

        Also, why aren’t these Woodland officials (including one from the Woodland school district) concerned about Davis’ “poaching” of Woodland students?

        And, where is Richard McCann when you actually need him to chime in?

    1. Keith Y Echols

      Partida stands shoulder to shoulder with developers at the expense of neighborhoods.

      At the expense of neighborhoods?  I KNEW IT!  I knew there had to be an arts and entertainment district with Micheline starred cuisine in Davis!  So that’s what happened to it!  It must have been where the Cannery is currently located!   And the there had to have been a cosmopolitan urban Mecca where Grande Village now stands!   Davis’ glory has been destroyed and the culture left because of those evil developers and their horrible houses!  Curse you Gloria Partida for sacrificing Davis’ soul!!!!

  5. Ron Oertel

    And no, it’s not just about Measure H.  There are now 3 proposals for developments outside of city limits which would be in Gloria’s district.

    Including the massive Shriner’s proposal, and “100% Housing DISC”. Though you’ve sort of got to admire the “truth” that they’ve finally acknowledged, regarding what they actually wanted to build all-along, right? (Really, they had no choice but to acknowledge it, at this point.)

    Also, how about if Gloria “repudiates” the sources of her campaign funding? (See Rich Rifkin’s article, regarding that.)


  6. Ron Glick

    “Development (whether it’s infill or sprawl) is THE primary issue – for any community.
    And it’s also the reason you’re seeing “fake outrage” on this blog, regarding Gloria Partida.”

    Maybe the “fake outrage” about Partida’s character and personal history from people opposed to Measure H but the real outrage is from most of the community who know her to be a decent human being who doesn’t deserve the sleazy attacks that stirred up this hornet’s nest

    1. Ron Oertel

      Fake “hornets”, as well.

      The only thing “real” is the criminal record, which raised legitimate questions as to whether or not the crime legally disqualified her from holding office, and how she addressed the question on a form.

      I personally believe those questions have (likely) been sufficiently answered.  Had it not been for those questions, I wouldn’t support publicly-discussing the prior crime. Though in most places in the United States, folks tend to be concerned about politicians who committed crimes, more than they focus on those who uncover them.

      Only in places like Davis is a prior crime a political “benefit” – according to some.

      However, I don’t know who spends their time “looking up” criminal records in the first place.

      But keep at it, with the fake outrage. Might even distract some from looking at the three peripheral development proposals that Gloria will likely support (which would then be in her distract), or the source of her campaign funds:


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