Man with Felonies and Misdemeanors Jailed on Low Bail He Probably Still Can’t Pay  

By Jessica Weisman

WOODLAND, CA – The accused—who his attorney said is unhoused and penniless—faced a host of felonies and lesser crimes here in Yolo County Superior Court this week, and even though bail was set very low he is probably still unable to get out of jail pretrial.

The accused is charged with three misdemeanors for damaging a vehicle, another two for petty theft, one for conspiracy to commit a crime, failure to appear in court after providing a written promise, and for driving with a suspended license.

In addition to the misdemeanors, the accused has been charged with three felony counts of burglary, vandalism and grand theft auto. And, the accused has two enhancements, one for a prior serious felony conviction and the other for a prior felony conviction.

In his hearing, the accused requested an attorney be provided to him, but because the public defender had a conflict, Ava Landers, from the private attorney conflict panel, represented the accused.

On behalf of the accused, Landers requested supervised OR (own recognizance, without any bail required) release from jail for the accused.

But, based on the recommendation of Deputy District Attorney Deanna Hays, it was determined by the court the accused was not fit for supervised OR.

The DDA said the accused has a history of not appearing at mandatory court hearings, despite having provided a written promise he would attend, noting, “He has promised to appear and he has not appeared.”

The DDA maintained, “He is a public safety risk based on the multiple amounts of crimes charged against him.” the accused was denied supervised OR by Judge David Reed.

As the hearing proceeded, Judge Reed asked for the notes on the accused’s bail. Landers explained the accused has “no income whatsoever,” and was requesting “minimal bail considering his financial situation.”

PD Landers stated the defendant had been on general assistance and food stamps to survive, and that he had also been dealing with homelessness.

Based on these facts, Judge Reed set the defendant’s felony bail at $5,000 and the misdemeanor bail at $1,000. the accused will return for his preliminary hearing on Nov. 2. 

About The Author

Jessica is a third year at the University of California, Davis from Boise, Idaho. She is double-majoring in Political Science - Public Service and Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies. She has been on the cheer team for UC Davis for three years, and is set to graduate a year early in June 2023. After graduation, Jessica plans to attend law school in Boulder, Colorado after obtaining more work experience in her field.

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