Upcoming Election Prompts NAACP to Ask DOJ for Election Monitors 

By Britney Cao

WASHINGTON, D.C. –The NAACP this week wrote the U.S. Assistant Attorney General a letter to request election monitors for the upcoming election to ensure voters are able to cast their ballots fairly.

The NAACP seeks the renewal of the election monitor program to send monitors to both the jurisdictions announced for the 2020 general election and the jurisdictions included in the letter.

These actions will guarantee voters in the upcoming election will be able to cast their ballots fairly and legally in abiding with the federal voting rights laws, said the NAACP.

“Prior to the 2020 elections, 44 jurisdictions in 18 states were sent monitors to “focus on compliance with the Voting Rights Act, and the other federal voting rights laws enforced by the division,” said the NAACP, which charged communities of color need monitors to ensure that their ability to cast their votes are “not hindered by an outside threat.”

The group noted that in the 2020 elections, the number of Black voters skyrocketed, resulting in an immense turnout. However, since then, the NAACP contends there has been a wide effort to displace Black voters and other people of color.

Examples noted in the letter include some states designing and passing laws that “sabotaged” the voting rights of the Black community.

The NAACP wrote that, to further “strip” away the constitutional right to vote from African Americans, there have been individuals who aggressively target Black voters at the polls and their private residences.

“Election workers have faced extremely harsh criticism and attacks,” said the NAACP, noting that to ensure this upcoming election is held freely and fairly, it believes Department of Justice monitors are needed to prevent any type of interference or threat.

The DOJ has sent out monitors previously to secure the polls and allow voters of color to cast their ballots without any issue.

About The Author

Britney Cao is a 2nd year undergraduate student at the University of California, Davis. She is currently majoring in Political Science and is considering a minor in Statistics. She strives to bring political awareness and clarity to her community and has a passion for political activism. Britney intends to continue her education at law school and hopes to get a license to practice law. She intends to bring justice to those in need.

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