Letter: Vaping in the Davis Senior High Bathroom


by Marc Thomas

The elephant is in the room…err, the bathroom to be more precise. When will Davis teachers and administration do something about vaping in the bathrooms?

I have written to McHale and also discussed the problem, but nothing ever changes…why? Are teachers and administrators too afraid of strict enforcement of one of the most damaging (other than school closures) health issues damaging our children today for fear of loss of popularity or even their job if students complain?

Time for 100% teacher monitoring of bathrooms, every day, every hour; give the bathrooms back to the students, demonstrate that you care about their health.

Marc Thomas is a local resident, entrepreneur and father interested in local issues.

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  1. Ron Glick

    “Time for 100% teacher monitoring of bathrooms, every day, every hour; …”

    So much for teaching when there are bathrooms to be supervised. Kids have been smoking in school bathrooms for decades, maybe even for centuries. If anyone could solve it they would have done so by now. I’m not unsympathetic but  I’m  doubtful. Perhaps the author would like to volunteer. It does take a village.

    One day I saw these two kids vaping after school by the Davis Library. I thought to myself they think nobody sees, if I only knew who they were.

    As I was walking back from the book return I saw one kid hop into a mini-van. I went up to the driver side and signaled for the driver to roll down the window. “Yes,” the man asked?

    “Hey Pops” I replied, “I don’t know if you care, but, just so you know, your kid and his buddy were over here smoking.”

    “Thanks, I do care,” the man answered and rolled up his window as I walked away. The kid looked mortified.



  2. Marc Thomas

    So Ron, just cause it’s been going on for “ever”, we should just ignore it?  But you show outrage over using that approach in other areas?  Really?

    If the teachers and principals can’t control students illegal smoking vaping activities then maybe they’re not doing their job of keeping our children safe?   Secondhand smoke and behaviors which damage their health should not be allowed.




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