Judge Sentences Man to 16 Months in Prison, Rejects Pleas for Accused to Enter Residential Drug Program

By Leslie Acevedo 

VENTURA, CA –  The accused was formally sentenced here in Ventura County Superior Court this week to 16 months of incarceration for felony unlawful driving or taking of a vehicle after the judge denied requests for the man to enter a rehabilitation program.

A plea was accepted on Nov. 22, and at the time of the disposition, the prosecution asked the court to impose the strike, and a sentence of 32 months.

The accused was present in custody seated next to Public Defender Russell Baker. Judge Bruce A. Young heard the case while Assistant District Attorney Edward Alexander Andrews represented the prosecution.

Assistant Public Defender Baker argued the accused had been accepted into the Jericho Project (residential drug program), and asked if the court would allow the opportunity to do the Jericho Project, which Baker said has very good success rates.

The accused noted he had a decade of sobriety before the incident and wants to work on his sobriety.

Judge Young denied the accused request, “not being inclined to do that at this time.”

Despite this, there was confusion and inconsistencies on restitution.

Judge Young sentenced the accused to a low term of 16 months in the Dept. of Corrections on count one.

Judge Young struck the strike over the prosecution’s objection, interest of justice factors and the strike’s age of approximately 22 to 23 years, not relevant to the current case, he said.

Judge Young imposed $300.00 state restitution and second one pending successful completion of parole.  The accused has 100 days credit. Judge Young found the accused has limited ability to pay fines and fees.

Judge Young will refer the restitution matters to probation, the next hearing to clarify restitution is Jan. 17.

Misdemeanors count two and three were dismissed by the prosecution. The accused can appeal Judge Young’s decision by Feb. 21, 2023; within 60 days.

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Gracy is a 4th Year at UC Davis studying Political Science and minoring in Communications and Sociology. Post graduation plans include traveling and then eventually attending Law School.

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