Commentary: Another Unjust Sentence

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By Cecil Truman

I was sentenced to 40 years for non-violent victimless “crimes.” I was arrested the day my wife committed suicide. After the police tried to frame me for my wife’s death by staging the scene at our home, the forensics proved, without a doubt, that it was indeed a suicide. Since I was already arrested the police then brought drug charges against me for paraphernalia found in the house.

Me and my wife fell into drug abuse after the death of our daughter—9 months prior to her suicide and my arrest.

After 14 months of being held without bond or due process the Commonwealth gathered 4 “witnesses” that they threatened and bribed with plea deals to say they bought drugs from me. These were the very people from whom me and my wife purchased drugs.

In a combination of the court-appointed attorneys sabotaging any way of me defending myself, the witnesses’ judge approved perjury, and staged evidence by the police, I had absolutely no way to defend myself at trial.

My motions to the courts, bar complaints, letters to judges and all other means I employed to defend myself were shot down and I am enslaved with no rights, no due process, and no way to defend myself. I have proven perjury and corruption at every turn and the courts and judges enforce lies, perjury, and open human rights violations.

This is the state of the courts where none (except some rich elite) can receive a “fair trial” and none have rights.

Eight years now I’ve been confined to these Mad Houses called jails and prisons where human lives are thrown away. There is virtually no mental health care. The heart disease and diabetes stats prove we are literally being poisoned slowly from poor diets and unhealthy conditions. I sit here writing this below a ceiling infested and covered with black mold, surrounded by men including myself with sinus infections, headaches and other symptoms of mold exposure. And, like my experience with the medical staff in these places, any hope of real medical care is a hopeless endeavor for myself and most others I’ve met.

I’ve seen violence, suicides, death from COVID and have seen little to no action by the administrations of these places to improve conditions. In fact it seems the administrations’ response to tragedy and trauma is more oppression and degradation.

DOC’s overall goal seems to be to dehumanize, degrade and oppress until any sign of human dignity and integrity is absent and empty shells of men are corralled and managed like cattle.

We look the world over in abject horror of the human rights violations taking place and turn a blind eye to the reality of slavery and oppression right here in America.

Like so many others I have been captured, railroaded through an openly unfair and unconstitutional court system, given a grossly disproportionate sentence and been constantly subject to oppression. This is human warehousing, not rehabilitation.

I challenge anyone reading these words to request my court documents and transcripts from Prince William Circuit courts of Virginia. I had no speedy trial, no bond, no assistance from the counsels the courts appointed. I was “directly indicted” after charges were dismissed. I was put on “trial by ambush” which means I had no compulsory process or knowledge of the nature and cause of the accusations—I wasn’t shown any evidence against me until trial started. How do you form a defense without knowing what you’re defending yourself against? I had no knowledge of who the witnesses were until trial started, or any evidence they had. Twice all but one charge was pressed so they could just keep me in the jail for as long as they needed until they could extort witnesses to lie. One witness wrote a statement saying the police told her I killed my wife and by lying she would be doing the right thing.

Only a lunatic could think our courts are fair. When will we as a society say enough is enough and stand against what is happening on a mass scale? People need help, not stripped of their humanity and warehoused in cages. Don’t lie to yourself, don’t pretend our prisons are just institutions. We are existing in a Police State and our human rights have all but disappeared. The concentration camps are built. The courts are a one-way avenue to the hell they condemn me to.

Our streets are flooded with drugs. Our public leaders only serve themselves through the offices they occupy. Homelessness, mental health, education, and crime are issues grossly neglected by those responsible to address these things. It is starting to look as though those in power actually promote poverty and oppression to keep their power.

It is time for change. Making the world a better place starts within and expresses itself outwardly. Let’s all do the good work needed in our immediate sphere of influence and end the injustices that plague our world.

The greedy tyrants don’t stand a chance against love.

Cecil Truman is incarcerated in Virginia

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