Court Commissioner Denies Work Program Referral after Man Misses Court to Attend Husband’s Funeral – Official Has Recent Tough-on-Crime History

By Jariah Moore

SACRAMENTO, CA – Sacramento County Superior Court Commissioner Alin Cintean denied a referral for a man to participate in the sheriff’s work project program instead of going to jail after the accused failed to appear in court in December following the death of his husband.

The court noted the accused was ordered to appear in court on Dec. 2, but failed to do so following the passing of his husband. On that day he was due in court, the accused instead admitted he attended his husband’s funeral.

But, as a result of his failure to appear in court, Cintean denied the accused a referral to the sheriff’s work program.

The commissioner has a recent history of being tough on recalcitrant accused. In February a woman was denied some relief to care for a dying grandmother

“And unfortunately, a funeral is not going to be sufficient to blow off the returning date…going there for six hours and staying, not returning back, does not appear to me to be a sufficient reason,” Cintean said on the matter, noting the accused would now have to serve time in jail.

Commissioner Cintean remarked, however, that he hoped the accused would still be permitted into the program.

“The sheriff felt at this point, it (acceptance into the program) still may fit. However, that information may be unreliable,” noted the commissioner, ruling it would be up to the sheriff to decide whether or not the accused would be allowed into the work program.  

About The Author

Jariah Moore is a third-year student at UCLA. She obtained an AA in English prior to transferring, and will earn a BA in English in 2024. Upon graduation, she plans to attend law school and become an attorney. She hopes to advocate for minority groups throughout her practice.

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