Oklahoma Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty Calls Execution Moratorium ‘Not Moral Failure’

By Emily Saroyan

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – The Oklahoma Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, also known as OK-CADP, recently released its opposition to upcoming Oklahoma executions and encourages a moratorium to fully examine the cases. 

According to OK-CADP, a “moratorium on these executions is not a moral failure, but rather an opportunity for cautious examination. A moratorium should be supported by all concerned about the death penalty.”

“In putting together a coalition of parties of diverse beliefs, we recognize that not all potential allies support abolition yet. Opposition to the death penalty often develops in stages. We welcome any allies who question the death penalty while encouraging them to take the next steps toward advocacy for abolition,” said OK-CADP in a statement.

While noting “podcasts, blogs, and YouTube content can potentially generate revenue for the podcaster, creating conflicts of interests,” and that “Self interest – or self promotion – are obviously toxic,” OK-CADP argues it “prefers to work with, not against, the lawyers currently representing those on death row.”

“Over the years, the Federal Public Defender has successfully obtained sentencing relief many times including multiple clemencies. Failing to work with the lawyers can be reckless and dangerous,” added OK-CADP.

OK-CADP maintains it recognizes the “stress that executions place on those involved in carrying them out, including the many teams of Department of Corrections staff assembled to do the killing of a prisoner.  These tragic impacts must be considered in a holistic examination of the death penalty.” 

About The Author

Emily is a third-year undergraduate student at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is currently majoring in Anthropology with an emphasis in legal studies. Her major aspirations after graduation is pursuing law school to advocate for change in the unjust judicial system.

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