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By D. Razor Babb 

Thirty years inside this nation’s penitentiaries have provided exposure to a broad spectrum of what the prison experience has to offer and affords an enlightening perspective on the multifaceted dimensions of human nature. The past twenty-plus years of immersion into prison publishing have also allowed countless opportunities to meet and work with an expansive array of personalities, including some of the great talents and minds in the writing and publishing field. The struggle of prisoners whose needs, desires, politics, and personal conflicts are confined to the cramped discomfort of tiny cells and discomforting prisons of personal trauma, confusion, and loneliness provide living proof of the debilitating effects of mass incarceration. In this sea of damaged souls, radical social movements surrounding racial inequities, prison, and justice reform, discrimination against disadvantaged minorities, anti-capitalism, and a basic lack of human dignity find fertile fields to foment activism for social change.

The Vanguard Incarcerated Press (VIP), has been established in the fashion of the anti-prison movement radical prison papers of the last century, with an intent on infusing, utilizing, sharing, and informing our contributors on the finer points of professional journalistic standards and ethics. With that in mind, writing, interviewing, reporting tips and instruction will be provided to those who are seriously interested and dedicated to the process.

The prison publishing world has greatly expanded since the days of “The Red Dragon” “The Sunfighter” (Wash. State 1970s & 80s), and “The Corcoran Sun” (SATF Corcoran 2000s). VIP contributors benefit by having their stories posted on the Davis Vanguard website with over 2 million viewers, and by being able to tap into the vast publishing network that’s evolved over the past decades. We welcome you to the Vanguard of the prison publishing movement.


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Disclaimer: the views expressed by guest writers are strictly those of the author and may not reflect the views of the Vanguard, its editor, or its editorial board.

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