Yes, Majoring in English Offers Many Options

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by Ian Bastida


Every family member and colleague has plagued me with the question that every English major dreads to hear: “What do you plan to do with English?”


An English degree supplies students with the tools they need to excel in a wide range of fields. While some may argue that a degree in English is not as practical or as important as STEM or business, the benefits of studying English are not only practical, but also extend far beyond the job market.


The courses for a Bachelor of Arts in English equips students with excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. In today’s highly competitive job market, strong communication skills are highly valued by employers across all industries. 


The English major provides students with opportunities to develop these skills by analyzing and interpreting written works from different genres, time periods and cultural backgrounds. English students are also taught to craft clear and concise essays, as well as effective presentations, speeches and other forms of communication that are essential for success in any industry.


Classes in literature teach students critical thinking and problem-solving skills, identifying themes and motifs, providing instruction on analyzing texts and recognizing symbolism and metaphor. These skills can be applied to industries such as marketing and advertising, where effective communication and understanding of human psychology are crucial. 


Additionally, English graduates often go on to careers in law, where analytical thinking and the ability to interpret complex texts are highly valued.


Another key benefit of studying English is the development of creativity and imagination. The study of literature and language exposes students to diverse perspectives and worldviews, which encourages them to think outside the box. This can be an incredibly valuable skill in the creative industries, such as film and television, where innovation and originality are highly prized.


An English degree provides learners with a deep appreciation of culture and history. Literature offers a window into the social and cultural contexts in which it was created, allowing students to better understand and appreciate different cultures and communities. In a globalized world, where cultural awareness and sensitivity are essential, this knowledge can be invaluable.


While it is true that other fields may offer more obvious job prospects, the value of an English degree lies in its versatility and broad applicability. The skills and knowledge gained through studying literature and language can be applied to a wide range of professions, from journalism and publishing to law and education. 


There is great value in an English degree, providing students with a range of transferable skills that are highly valued in today’s job market. The benefits extend far beyond the practical skills it provides. 


Majoring in English offers a unique and rewarding intellectual experience, allowing students to delve into topics they find fascinating and explore their own unique perspectives. This can be an incredibly fulfilling experience, as students are able to engage with the world on a deeper level and develop a greater understanding of themselves and others.


This exposure to diverse perspectives also encourages creativity and imagination, as well as fostering a deep appreciation of culture and history — it allows students to explore their passions and interests, leading to a more enriching life.


The importance of an English degree cannot be overstated, providing students with valuable skills and knowledge that are highly sought-after in today’s job market, while also fostering creativity, critical thinking, and a deep appreciation of culture and history. For anyone seeking a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in both their personal and professional lives, an English degree is an excellent choice.

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