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By James S. Kor

How the failure of our criminal justice system is actually success to those who have prepared the most fertile ground to cultivate crime and profit from human suffering.

Hiding in plain sight and loudly pointing fingers everywhere but at itself, the U.S. criminal justice system is actually the biggest, most lucrative yet harmful racketeering scheme ever operated. But, having become increasingly predatory and visibly counterproductive in nature the time is ripe for people to reexamine previous beliefs about that system. Let these easily verifiable facts serve as an apt preface to this free speech coming from an eyewitness who has sat in the front-row since age 7 in 1963.

1)Plato wrote (circa 400 B.C.) that criminals exist because of poor education, a bad upbringing/training, and/or an evil constitution/government;

2) The ancient Latin phrase, magnum emolumentum est justitia confirms that justice has been recognized as a very profitable business for millennia;

3)In his book, The Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote of Joseph Stalin’s government (USSR) looking at prisoners from an economic point of view;

4) John Steinbeck said the same in The Grapes of Wrath about California justice:

“He tol’ me up there the deputies got to take guys in. Sheriff gets seventy-five cents a day for each prisoner, an’ he feeds them for a quarter; If he ain’t got no prisoners he don’t make no profit.”

More informed about the subject than most, Nelson Mandela was not mistaken either when, in 1997, he voiced the truth that governments cause crime. Others had long recognized and been saying the same thing. But here in our purported EQUAL-JUSTICE-UNDER-LAW America? How could such evil possibly become a reality? Why would a government supposedly of, by, and for “The People” cause crime when its most important duty is to do the opposite, by protecting the people? Why? Because profit is one thing, justice another. So, subject to the control of an absolute monopoly (government) that profits through perpetuating and increasing its power, which of the two prevails in the obvious conflict of interest; profit or justice? 2+2≠5.

People? For yourselves and your children who rely on you to hold your government accountable, might you now open your eyes and muster the courage to demand changes and the imposition of consequences for those who would seek to continue profiting from the broken status quo? The United States has the dubious distinction of being the most violent industrialized democracy in the world. Crime, mass incarceration, epidemics of wrongful convictions, mass shootings, unprecedented numbers of police beatings and killings of citizens, openly corrupt courts and truly obscene financial costs attached to it all; these are all part of what make up the visible complexion of injustice and institutionalized racism in America.

A just system of human government is stable, but violence resonates in the unjust society.


George Bernard Shaw said, “We shall only be governed as well as we deserve.” If American society deserves to be made safer it must first put aside differences that are less important than the collective safety of an entire population. Honest answers to the most pertinent questions are of paramount importance if people are going to be brave enough to confront reality; such as: Why did government officials pass laws prohibiting the education of “Negroes” in the 1800s? Good people can surely see that, since then, each preceding generation of African American parents has been less capable of assisting in educating its children. Moreover, it doesn’t take genius intellect to see that this is a huge part of how racists in our government have made certain, for centuries, that disproportionate numbers of blacks would be imprisoned and permanently neutralized as a voting, political class.

Another question going directly to the roots of the issue is this: Why has the potential for rehabilitating criminal offenders been intentionally obstructed and/or sabotaged by government officials, for decades; even into the 21st century? Look at the ABCs, people. Poor education? Bad training/upbringing (little or no rehabilitation). A vicious government or inadequate constitution? In citing these factors Plato pointed directly at what a bad, predatory government COULD intentionally facilitate in order to create criminals; cause crime. So, it certainly is no accident, anomaly, nor naturally developing consequence that the U.S. has consistently maintained the highest rate of repeat offenders in the world. This should be seen not merely as being harmful to our society but embarrassing as well, and particularly so for those who view themselves as solid patriots. It seems that everyone, including the most patriotic, should first feel ashamed that such abysmal FAILURE has been wrought in their names, but then angry. Why angry? Because it has been through the selfish interests of the few that the U.S. justice system has been made INFERIOR to that of many other nations. The few have profited, and are profiting, while the many suffer.

What about contrasts that show truth’s bright light? For instance, in the 25 years after it redirected its criminal justice mandate towards safely reintegrating offenders back into society, Canada reduced its rate of repeat offenders to less than half of what it had been. Basic cause and effect; where good people with good motives got good results. A very telling coincidence shows itself when one considers that even the communist country of Cuba was able to do the same thing, making sure that prisoners were rehabilitated. (13-15% recidivism rate)

The 2+2=4 social math is mind-boggling in its simplicity: More criminals and more repeat offenders equals more crimes, equals more victims, equals a less safe public, equals a diabolically lucrative racketeering scheme hiding in plain sight. People of all political beliefs, all ethnicities, all religions, all demographics have been suffering and continue to suffer. That the people are FORCED to pay for this sort of oppression, being pimped off as a public service, adds great insult to grievous injury. You think you’re not amongst the oppressed? Well then, in your MIND the government is made up of “the good guys” in white hats, incapable of such evil?

The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the MIND of the oppressed.

-Steven Biko

The famous author, Herman Wouk (War and Remembrance, The Winds of War) concluded that the single greatest factor allowing Hitler and his NAZIS to perpetrate the Holocaust was German citizens’ “will not to believe” their government could actually be doing such evil. Let this suffice as proof that an entire society can be in denial about reality. The writer Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead) touched upon this same, apparent, human trait of people willing themselves not to see, not to believe. Does such apply here, right now? For to accept the truth within this essay may be to accept the psychological burden of obligation to at least make oneself more informed. On the other hand, to will yourselves not to believe, as millions of “good Germans” did, can be your self-issued license not to look further, not to ask questions, not to do anything beyond the reading; if that. But what about the children, the young people who, presently, are less obligated to be vigilant over what the government is doing and has been up to? As tokens of love from us older generations do we bestow upon them a more dangerously entrenched problem? Really?

This writing is intended to resonate in the hearts of all, but especially within those who are intelligent and vigilant enough to be correctly sensing that this nation is on precarious ground nearing the point where big things are going to break. Furthermore, it must be added that the stupidest thing citizens can do is to continue trusting those who have been and are causing a worsening of America’s problems. They are such low, cowardly human beings, most particularly the judges, that, collectively, they lack the integrity and decency to accept responsibility for any bit of the failure. So, let all the visible harms, wrongs, injustices, violent incidents, MANIFESTING THEMSELVES DAILY NOW, serve to punctuate this writing as loud exclamation points!!!

1)To become an informed citizen as to the government’s dirty hands in the drug war, view the 4-video series entitled America’s War On Drugs;

2)To gain an accurate understanding of how America’s cowardly, corrupt judges have actively orchestrated the epidemic of wrongful convictions, disproportionately impacting people of color, read the following:

The Complicity of Judges In The Generation of Wrongful Convictions, by Hans Sherrer

3)To see how the infamous racist, Strom Thurmond, had part of the Supreme Court’s shameful Dred Scott case resurrected; read my challenge of his so-called “habeas reforms” from the AEDPA: ANTITERRORISM EFFECTIVE DEATH PENALTY ACT OF 1996. Or simply ask honest Tegal experts whether or not I am correct about the “Great Writ of Habeas Corpus” being eviscerated by that racist hate-crime disguised as law:

James Samuel Kor v. California Dept. of Corrections & Rehabilitation, CASE #S275842 California Supreme Court (the most unfair, illegal trial and appeal on record)


The police, prosecutors, judges, prison guards, politicians, et al are NOT “the good guys” primarily concerned with rule of law, doing what is right, or pro- tecting the public. To sledgehammer that point home this essay concludes with a “what if” hypothetical followed by a very simple, “yes or no”, IQ Test question: There is a button that can be pushed. IF it is pushed there will never be crime committed, ever again. No criminals. No need for police, prosecutors, criminal court judges. No more prison cells either but, also, no more billions upon billions of naive taxpayers’ dollars to misappropriate every year. But the public is 100% safe. Test your IQ with an honest answer to this question:


Worse than traitors in arms are those who…feast and fatten on a nation’s ills.

-Abraham Lincoln

It is the foulest of creatures-the double parasite-that lives on the sores of the poor and the blood of the rich.

-Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged 

In contempt of court, prisoner 34

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