VANGUARD INCARCERATED PRESS: Breaking the Cycle of Self-Destructive Street Ideology

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By David Holloman

My name is David Holloman. I’ve been incarcerated for 18 years on a 34-year sentence for 2nd degree murder and gun charges. I can go into the specifics of what led to my incarceration in our next correspondence, if you would like. Throughout my incarceration, after my first few years of, let’s call it frustration, I’ve focused on rehabilitation, education, spirituality, and self-development. I’ve tried my best to make amends to the victims of my crime and give back to the younger guys here by leading by example to break the cycle of a self-destructive street ideology (G-code) whose foundation is like building a straw house on quicksand, which strips us of our opportunities to establish generational wealth.

I try to teach that, although child development and your environment played a part, ultimately you have to man up and take responsibility for the part you’ve played in your movie. To stop blaming the system or the “White man” for your current situation, learn from your mistakes (and others) and be a better version of yourself.

Which now brings me to the part of my story that I wanted to share. Last year, I attempted to do something I never would have done before coming to jail, put the needs of others before my own, do the right thing and stand up for the rights of others. Enclosed is an example of that.

Thankfully, the ACLU-DE is representing me in a lawsuit I filed seeking justice, so there is a glimmer of hope.

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