Big Criticism of Biden Administration Announcement on Border Wall Construction in Texas

AP Photo/ Susan Walsh

By Cindy Chen

WASHINGTON, DC – President Joe Biden faced scrutiny from all sides late last week for his administration’s decision to waive 26 federal laws in South Texas, allowing for the construction of approximately 20 additional miles of border wall.

This decision, which was announced in June, has sparked controversy, given Biden’s prior stance against border wall spending during his campaign, according to immigrant rights groups.

Despite openly acknowledging his belief that such walls are not an effective solution to immigration issues, Biden clarified in official statements he felt compelled to utilize funding allocated during the Trump administration in 2019 to address illegal migration from Mexico.

His efforts to redirect these funds encountered resistance from Congress, leaving him with no alternative but to proceed with the approved funding and complete the construction by 2023.

“I want to address today’s reporting relating to a border wall and be absolutely clear. There is no new administration policy with respect to border walls,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in a statement.

The Homeland Security Secretary added, “From day one, this administration has made clear that a border wall is not the answer. That remains our position and our position has never wavered.”

Nonetheless, despite these statements, many have continued to criticize President Biden’s new policies.

Mexico’s incumbent president, López Obrador, who had previously commended President Biden as “the first U.S. president in a long time not to construct any walls,” expressed his disappointment, noting, “It is a setback because it does not resolve a problem.”

Jonathan Blazer, director of border strategies at the American Civil Liberties Union, echoed a similar sentiment.

“The Biden administration’s decision to rush into border wall construction marks a profound failure,” Blazer said in a press release. “This politically motivated action will only harm border communities. It’s time for the Biden administration to choose humanity and real solutions over politics.”

Even Former President Donald Trump, known for his stance on border issues, weighed in.

In a recent social media post, Trump said, “As I have stated often, over thousands of years, there are only two things that have consistently worked, wheels, and walls! Will Joe Biden apologize to me and America for taking so long to get moving … I will await his apology!”

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