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(Editor’s Note: Political season is here.  The primary is March 5 and the general is in November.  The Vanguard will keep readers updated throughout the season on the latest news and announcements.  Inclusion in this section does not imply Vanguard support or endorsement.)

Letter: Clara Levers

Yolo county elections — actions speak louder than words in any election, always. Clara Levers, who is running for Yolo County judge, has apparently charmed with words and her history of volunteer work many Yolo County liberals and even progressives.

But when a concern was expressed (mine) on her political campaign page about her very long career as a prosecutor, her vast numbers of endorsements by almost all area law enforcement entities, including our own D.A. Jeff Reisig, no endorsements by public defenders, and whether that would seem to bias her performance as a judge, she immediately deleted my comment and emailed me requesting a meeting.

I’d rather she just leave my comment up and respond to it publicly, rather than meeting me or anyone in private.

People running for elected office can say anything, and often do, to get elected — but it’s their ACTIONS that we should be paying attention to — especially in their choice of past careers and their work within that career.

Ann Block

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