Report: Community Resource Initiative Evolves to ‘Full Picture Justice,’ Announces Name Change to Reflect Organization’s Commitment to Comprehensive Community Safety

By Bryan Miller 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Community Resource Initiative, now known as Full Picture Justice and self-described as “a nonprofit dedicated to challenging the death penalty and advocating for community safety,” has changed its name.

FPJ said it’s an effort to reflect the “organization’s deep commitment to centering the stories of justice-impacted individuals and communities working toward lasting safety through meaningful interventions.”

Full Picture Justice stated the name change came at “a critical moment in the organization’s journey.” And, “As jurisdictions across the country continue to abandon the death penalty and as crime rates drop, Full Picture Justice recognizes the increasing urgency to support spaces of community safety and healing.”

Director of Impact at Full Picture Justice Rodrigo Gomez, who said he is “a direct beneficiary of Full Picture Justice’s advocacy after facing the death penalty in 2019,” stated, when commenting on the significance of the name change, “Our new name, Full Picture Justice, embodies our resolve toward a complete view of what safety is and means.”

Gomez, who Full Picture Justice notes “runs the organization’s community initiatives,” added, “Change is possible, especially with the power of community” and, “Addressing root causes of harm and violence requires a holistic understanding that extends far beyond what is possible in our current system.”

FPJ declares in its announcement, “Full Picture Justice remains committed to its core mission of advocating for an end to the death penalty while building community initiatives that go beyond surface-level, case-by-case assistance.”

The group added the change in identity comes as “the organization aims to take their mission to new heights,” as Full Picture Justice is “setting sights on ending death verdicts in California and expanding their restorative justice initiatives.”

By doing so, Full Picture Justice said it will continue to impact the lives and communities of those throughout the nation, even after those communities move away from the death penalty.

Co-Founder Scarlet Nerad said, while expressing her optimism about the change, the organization is “incredibly excited about the future of Full Picture Justice and the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Nerad added the newly-named group will continue the “mission of building a future that centers a collective approach when supporting communities most impacted by the criminal justice system.”

About The Author

Bryan Miller is a fourth year political science - public service major at UC Davis. He has a desire to pursue law in the future and has a large interest in the justice system and constitutional law. In his free time Bryan likes to spend time outdoors fishing and hiking.

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