Bay Area Faith Leaders Rally Behind Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price Amid Recall Efforts

Pamela Price at a press conference back in September 2021

By Jenna Tooley

OAKLAND, CA – A diverse coalition of faith leaders from across the Bay Area gathered at Geoffrey’s Inner Circle in Oakland last week to express their unwavering support for Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price, who is currently facing a recall campaign.

It was a demonstration of solidarity which underscored the depth of community backing for DA Price, countering the narrative propagated by a well-funded campaign seeking her removal from office, according to the Bay Area Faith Leaders.

“We support DA Price. You can live a week without water. You can’t live a day without hope. DA Price is giving our community hope,” remarked Pastor Kevin Barnes of Abyssinian Missionary Baptist Church in Oakland, encapsulating the sentiment echoed by many faith leaders present at the event, added Bay Area Faith Leaders.

As the first non-anointed and non-appointed Black district attorney in Alameda County, Price has charted a progressive course in criminal justice, emphasizing accountability for offenders without forsaking their humanity, according to Bay Area Faith Leaders, adding her commitment to this vision has earned her widespread acclaim and grassroots support within the community.

“When we talk about the issue of crime in this community, people of faith are responsible to not only support the victim but to challenge and correct the perpetrator. I’ve heard what you’ve heard. But when I sit down and talk with our DA and the facts are brought up against my feelings, then I stand in support. Keep doing what you are doing, and let’s as a community care about everybody,” affirmed Bishop Keith Clark of Word Assembly Church.

Bishop Jerry Macklin of Glad Tidings International Church of God in Christ expressed similar sentiments, acknowledging the inherent challenges of effecting change and commending Price for her unwavering dedication to her agenda despite opposition.

“Any time you disrupt, you become an enemy of those who want things to stay the same. I want to thank DA Price for her work. Let her serve out her term. Her agenda cannot be accomplished overnight,” stated Bishop Macklin.

The resounding support from faith leaders underscores DA Price’s commitment to advancing a more equitable legal system that addresses the root causes of crime, noted the Bay Area Faith Leaders, noting Price has championed initiatives to dismantle systemic inequalities based on race, economics, and gender, signaling a broader shift toward justice reform.

“The change that came to Alameda County is so important, it is historic, and as I walk this month as the first Black female District Attorney of Alameda County, I am very much aware of our historic victory,” remarked DA Price, acknowledging the significance of her tenure and the challenges it entails.

“You can’t isolate one person and say Pamela Price is the reason for every crime in Alameda County,” noted Paul Cobb, Editor in Chief of the Oakland Post, emphasizing the need for a collective approach to addressing systemic challenges.

About The Author

Jenna Tooley is a third-year senior studying Political Science with a concentration in American Politics and minors in Global Studies and Public Affairs at the University of California, Los Angeles. She has a passion for social justice and advocacy work and intends on pursuing Law School in the very near future, with a potential specialization in Criminal Law in aims of dismantiling the stigma around incarcerated people and addressing the root causes of recidvism to provides incarcerated people resources and rehabilitation to independently function upon re-entry into society. Outside of her advocacy work she enjoys traveling and sightseeing, aborbing the ambiance of coffee shops, and thifting as a form of self-care.

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