California Senate Bipartisan Initiative Gains Bipartisan Support from Stakeholders with Evidence-Based Solutions 

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By Karime Montano

SACRAMENTO, CA – California State Senate President Pro Tem Mike McGuire (D-North Coast) introduced the Senate’s new Safer California Plan this past week as part of a coordinated effort to solve California’s critical concerns.

The “Working Together for a Safer California” is a bipartisan legislation package that has received support from both senators and stakeholders, indicating a unified effort against the difficulties the state is facing.

The package includes 14 bills strategically aimed at tackling retail theft along with community based crime, through laws that could help deter, prevent and prosecute these crimes as well as addressing the fentanyl crisis through evidence-based prevention and treatment solutions, said McGuire.

“This plan isn’t about catchy soundbites on fentanyl and crime – it’s about a sound approach to keeping our communities safe and improving the quality of life here in the Golden State,” said McGuire, noting both Republican and Democrat members were working together on the bipartisan Safer California Plan of the Senate.

“The fentanyl crisis is deadly and requires our urgent attention. I am honored to join the administration and my colleagues in the legislature with a bill to prevent illicit use and trafficking of Xylazine, also known as tranq, or the zombie drug,” said Sen. Angelique Ashby (D-Sacramento), about SB 1502.

Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (R-Yucaipa), commenting on SB 1442 and SB 1468, also stated her support for these bills.

“As a mother, it’s heartbreaking to listen to families describe the tragic deaths of their loved ones. I appreciate the efforts being made in the Senate to join together and fight against these senseless deaths. The opioid crisis doesn’t know political boundaries, and neither should the fight we lead against it as lawmakers.” said Sen. Ochoa.

Stakeholders also shared support for the bills, and their overall concern to the crime and drug crisis in California.

Chief Alex Gammelgard, the President of the CA Police Chief Association, stated: “While police chiefs remain focused on the enforcement aspects needed to combat the fentanyl crisis, we understand how critical it is to approach the fentanyl epidemic through a holistic lens, which includes a better healthcare response.”

Diana Becton, the Contra Costa County District Attorney, added, “Californians want a justice system that works.” We want solutions for both the fentanyl crisis and retail crime issue, both of which are taking a toll on our communities and families.”

About The Author

Karime is in her final semester in California State University - Sacramento pursuing a bachelors in Criminal justice while also working on a associates in Political Science. By partaking in the Vanguard Court watch, Karime hopes to build more familiarity with building articles and examining case studies, this will also allow her to have more experience as she hopes to pursue her career as a lawyer. In her free time, Karime enjoys reading or being outdoors whether its hiking or at a beach.

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