COURT WATCH: Accused Mistakenly Handcuffed for Assumed Felony Charge; Judge Apologizes for Mistake

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By Gabriela Rose

ITHACA, NY – During an arraignment hearing in Ithaca City Court this week, Judge Seth Peacock ordered the accused to be handcuffed after announcing the accused was facing a pending felony charge on top of a current charge—attempted grand larceny.

The accused appeared confused about this pending charge and the arrest, and requested to speak to her lawyer.

The judge adjourned the case and allowed time for the accused to speak with defense attorney Stephen Casey, as the accused was led out the courtroom by a court officer.

But, about an hour later, the accused was brought back in and was subsequently uncuffed. And Judge Peacock apologized, stating he believed there were further pending charges, when this was not the case.

After the case was called a second time, Deputy District Attorney Amelia Carol Christian announced the state was now seeking to reduce the charges from a felony to misdemeanor, and this was granted by Judge Peacock.

Defense attorney Casey and the accused agreed to this charge, and Judge Peacock asked if the accused was struggling with any substances, to which the accused replied yes.

Judge Peacock stated he would release the accused on the condition the accused must seek drug and alcohol treatment within the next two days, before the following court proceeding Friday, and if the accused didn’t the court would be “very unhappy.”

There was no further discussion regarding the mistaken handcuff incident.

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