COURT WATCH: Judge Notes Prosecution Lack of Effort, but Denies Defense Motion, Sets 2-Year-Old Case for Trial

By Darlin Navarrete 

WOODLAND, CA- Judge M Wolk denied a defense speedy trial motion here in Yolo County Superior Court Monday morning after Deputy Public Defender Jailene Gutierrez argued law enforcement’s lack of maintenance on this two-year-old case was “prejudice.”

The accused is facing misdemeanor false evidence of registration with intent to avoid fees and two infractions, unregistered vehicle, and failure to provide evidence of financial responsibility.

DPD Gutierrez informed the court the notice to appear was sent to the address on the accused’s license, which was an unstable living situation, and once it was delivered the accused became unhoused. The accused then moved into her friend’s house but shortly after was evicted. The accused has been living with her mother in Oakland since then.

Gutierrez maintained that besides the notice to appear nothing else was done, so the accused was unaware of this case until it became a barrier to employment.

DPD Gutierrez explained this case demonstrated “prejudice” as it was delayed for two years, the vehicle for which she received the ticket was non-functional and had been donated since. After the accused didn’t appear in court no warrants were issued and no further maintenance of this case was made.

But, the accused brought this case back on the calendar as it was an issue that was impacting her employment status.

Deputy District Attorney Aimee Carrazco stated the accused “signed the promise to appear” and confirmed there were no warrants issued.

“There are no sufficient facts on prejudice,” stated Judge Wolk, noting, there was a significant contribution from the accused on the delay of the case and the court would be denying the speedy trial motion.

A pretrial conference is set for June 17 and the accused remains free on her own recognizance.

About The Author

Darlin Navarrete is a first-generation DACA student with a bachelor's in Political Science with a concentration in Race, Ethnicity, and Politics from UCLA. Being an honors student, Navarrete enjoys an academic challenge and aspires to attend law school and become an immigration attorney. Her passion for minority rights and representation began at a very young age where she identified injustices her family encountered and used them as outlets to expand her knowledge on immigrant rights and educate her family. Outside of academia, Navarrete loves spending time with her family, working on cars, and doing community service.

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