COURT WATCH: Prosecution Objects to Defense Request for More Time to Interview Witnesses; Judge Agrees with Defense

By Darlin Navarrete 

WOODLAND, CA- Judge Daniel M Wolk disagreed with a prosecution objection and rescheduled a trial setting conference here in Yolo County Superior Court Monday morning after the defense asked for more time to review body cam footage for a witness interview.

The accused is facing four misdemeanor charges: driving under the influence, drunk driving, suspended license and unlawful possession of paraphernalia used to inject/smoke.

Deputy Public Defender Courtney Leavitt informed the court Monday morning the accused reviewed body cam footage alongside her for the first time and there was a newly-identified witness who would be helpful in the accused’s case.

DPD Leavitt requested the court reschedule to allow time to interview the witness before trial.

Deputy District Attorney Ashley Harvey and Deputy District Attorney Robin Johnson opposed the request, with Johnson arguing that this case “had been set for a while” and the defense “was the driving force” for the current date.

DDA Johnson added, “It’s untimely and the court should confirm for trial,” charging the body cam footage should have been reviewed with more time instead of the morning of the trial setting conference.

DPD Leavitt explained Monday morning was the first time the accused watched it with her. After reviewing it they came to the consensus there was a witness who would aid in the case of the accused.

Leavitt added it was within the accused’s rights to have his attorney interview this witness if it was to help his case. DPD Leavitt also noted the witness shown on the body cam was not in the police report.

Judge Daniel M Wolk found good cause and granted the motion to reschedule a trial setting conference for June 4. The accused remains out of custody on their own recognizance, no bail.

About The Author

Darlin Navarrete is a first-generation DACA student with a bachelor's in Political Science with a concentration in Race, Ethnicity, and Politics from UCLA. Being an honors student, Navarrete enjoys an academic challenge and aspires to attend law school and become an immigration attorney. Her passion for minority rights and representation began at a very young age where she identified injustices her family encountered and used them as outlets to expand her knowledge on immigrant rights and educate her family. Outside of academia, Navarrete loves spending time with her family, working on cars, and doing community service.

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