Vanguard Court Watch

In January 2010, The Davis Vanguard created the Vanguard Court Watch to monitor, track, and report on court cases in the Yolo County court system. The Court Watch program monitors cases for prosecutorial misconduct, factual innocence, overcharging, racial bias, the violation of individuals’ constitutional rights, judicial error, ineffective defense, and other issues. The Court Watch also covers problems of misconduct in several law enforcement agencies, including sexual assault, use of excessive force, and police shootings. Over nearly eight years of operation in Yolo County, the Vanguard Court Watch has exposed numerous miscarriages of justice that would have otherwise gone unnoticed and unreported.

Today, this innovative program employs 10 to 15 interns with interests and specializations in areas ranging from political science and law to communications and sociology. Interns attend the Yolo County Superior Court of Woodland to monitor court proceedings, enforce transparency and accountability in our court systems, and report on notable cases for the Davis Vanguard. It is our belief that by shining a light on under-reported court proceedings, we can protect the rights of the accused, prevent wrongful convictions, and correct prosecutorial misconduct.

As the demand for justice continues to grow, the Vanguard Court Watch aims to expand its ability to report on an increasing number of important cases that are not prioritized by main stream media sources. The Davis Vanguard is strengthening the Court Watch program in Yolo County to eventually serve as a model for the future establishment of similar programs in the counties of Sacramento and San Francisco.

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